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  • (Most Compact 20000mAh Portable Charger) Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with Most Powerful 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology
    (Most Compact 20000mAh Portable Charger) Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with Most Powerful 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology

    This thing, you need. Run your smartphone for days.

  • Klear Screen iKlear Cleaning Kit for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, LCD, Plasma TV, Computer Monitor and Keyboard (Cloth, Wipes and Spray)
    Klear Screen iKlear Cleaning Kit for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, LCD, Plasma TV, Computer Monitor and Keyboard (Cloth, Wipes and Spray)
    Klear Screen

    I use this cleaner for my iPhone, iPad 3, iPad mini and MacBook Pro. It’s great all-around and won’t mess up the oleophobic coating on iOS device screens.

  • Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5 Grams
    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound 3.5 Grams
    Artic Silver

    If you’re having problems with your Adonit Jot capacitive touch stylus or Hex3 Jaja, you can improve its performance and reliability with careful application of thermal paste! For more on this, check out my capacitive touch stylus how-to fix-it guide. Months later (Sep 2013), my styli are still performing great!

  • Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint pressure sensitive stylus for iPad - Black
    Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint pressure sensitive stylus for iPad - Black

    Adonit Jot with Pixelpoint, works with a lot of new drawing apps on iPad.

  • Klear Screen's iKlear 8 oz. Pump Spray Bottle 7351-IKHP, Others, Electronics & Computers
    Klear Screen's iKlear 8 oz. Pump Spray Bottle 7351-IKHP, Others, Electronics & Computers
    Klear Screen

    The stuff I use to keep my iPad screen nice and clean!

  • Cosmonaut: Wide-Grip Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens
    Cosmonaut: Wide-Grip Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens
    Studio Neat

    Awesome capacitive touch stylus created by Studio Neat. Great guys, great product. I use mine every day! Bradtastic Approved.

  • Adonit Jot Pro Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Other Touch Screens (ADJPG)
    Adonit Jot Pro Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Other Touch Screens (ADJPG)

    Adonit Jot Pro is an awesome capacitive touch stylus for iPad & other tablets.

  • Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3/4 - Walnut
    Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3/4 - Walnut

    Even if you consider yourself a casual doodler or note-taker, you’ll love this well designed stylus. Built for Paper by FiftyThree, the iPad app — however, many other apps support Pencil.

  • Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards (Pack of 2)
    Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards (Pack of 2)
    Sportsman Supply Inc.

    Playing Cards for your password creation or poker game!

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So it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything. Basically, I’ve been super busy with design and consulting.

In whatever spare time I’ve had, I’ve been:

  1. Playing Poker.
  2. Playing Hearthstone.
  3. Planning a SaysBrad relaunch.
  4. Catching up on Crunchyroll, Netflix and Hulu queues.


Poker has been fun. And profitable.

Hearthstone is a great game.

I plan on getting a new iPhone and iPad when Apple releases new versions. I’ll write about that stuff, and hopefully give this site a much needed facelift.

If you’re looking for great shows, here are my recommendations. I’m not going to list super-obvious stuff like Daredevil… because if you have Netflix, you should’ve seen it already.

5. Elementary

While Lucy Liu as Joan Watson is a bit of a bore, Jonny Lee Miller carries the show while perfectly channeling Derren Brown. One of the best title sequences, ever… especially when they don’t cut it down for time. Available on Hulu

4. Hawaii Five-O

This show is just super fun. Don’t analyze it at all, just sit back and enjoy the amazing setting, gunfire and explosions. Available on Netflix

3. The Last Ship

One of the best shows on TV. Makes the US Navy look great. Available on Hulu

2. Person of Interest

Was this show just too good? Too smart? It should’ve had a complete final season, and could’ve continued for at least a few more seasons. The Nolan brothers create amazing stuff, and Person of Interest is no exception. I thought that the show started a little bit slow, but it picked up steam and kept up full-throttle into the final season. Somehow, the writers made me think of a computer as a human being. Available on Netflix

1. Flashpoint

My pick for the best show in the history of television. I’m amazed it only went on for five seasons, while Criminal Minds (not fantastic, but a solid show) is still going. Maybe because it’s Canadian. This show makes you care about the SRU (basically SWAT) team AND the criminals through its careful storytelling. Tear-jerking moments in every episode, unless you have no heart. Careful — this show is HEAVY. Was available on Netflix, now Amazon Prime

I guess maybe I should mention a few anime picks, and again, I’ll leave out super-popular stuff like One Piece and Naruto.

One Punch Man

12 episodes of sheer pwnage. The main character goes around killing monsters with one punch, and is so overpowered, he’s bored. The show true message is thought-provoking and deep, but it can be enjoyed if you just want to see the carnage. Available on Hulu

God Eater

Man, does this anime look great. On par with Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Different style, however. Based on a video game, but you don’t need to have played it to enjoy the story. Available on Hulu, Crunchyroll


What an amazing way to tell the story of western civilization… Maoyu is set in a land with a name you don’t need to know, and features characters that don’t have or require a real name. The main characters are called “Hero” and “Demon King” and alongside them are characters like “Female Knight” and “Head Maid.” This works brilliantly, because the characters represent ideas, not individuals. In my opinion, “Hero” represents America. America, more than a country, is (supposed to be) the idea that everyone will have the freedom to succeed or fail based on merit, tenacity and a willingness to accept risk. Hero is so powerful that, if he chose to, he could destroy the entire human and demon populations of the world, but instead he goes on a mission, against established monarchies, to win the hearts and minds of various populations in order to make a more peaceful, better world. There’s some typical anime fare here, but overall, it’s pretty lean. Great overall message. Maoyu is one of my favorite shows, of any kind. Available on Hulu, Crunchyroll

Well, that’s it for now.

I don’t think it will be another eight months between posts. Work has been picking up — I’m excited to share some of my new projects. And of course, I’ll have a lot of good and bad things to say about Apple’s new products come September. Take care, everyone!


Nevada Update!

Hey everyone! I am almost completely settled in my new state!

So far, so good. But I haven't had much time or energy for fun things like blogging. I've been keeping notes about things that I want to write about, but I also have about 60 unpacked boxes. There were some things broken and seemingly, some things missing.

But all around, things are great here! The people are nice. There's some issues with the unit I'm in, though. Right now I also have a crazy number of seats. My two bedroom can seat 30 people. And I'm still missing two chairs.

So almost completely settled really means, I'm almost able to never go back to Oakland.

I need to go back a few times maybe to take care of some issues, but after that, if I go to the Golden State it will be for vaykay. People have been dissing Reno, but they're all crazy. Reno is awesome. It has everything I liked in the Bay Area, plus more, and all within a ten mile radius.

Reno people consider half-hour commutes to be too long. As a Bay Area native, it makes me laugh every time I hear it, because it's said without sarcasm. That's the pace and style here. And I like it. Because I hate traffic.

I should have more time to blog in April — hopefully I'll have my desk chair back by then. I have two kickass desks in my office now.

I'm much happier here. Hope things are going well for you!


Writing and Blogging in 2013

The sketch above is a logo concept for a new blog that I'm working on. I've been trying to decide on what to do with my life since my disability has gotten worse and my overall condition hasn't improved. This year has been particularly tough; I might've done about 1% of what I'd planned on, and each day, I can feel the strain of chronic pain, muscle spasms and migraines taking its toll, sapping my energy and resolve. Just about everything takes a considerable effort.

I don't think that I had a particular vision for Says Brad when I renamed it, I just wanted a place to share thoughts on life, technology and design. I've enjoyed writing about and discussing iOS apps and iPad accessories, and sharing my favorite games. Several times I've thought about focusing on just mobile games, or just iOS — several times this year I've seen a glimmer of hope, the possibility and potential, only to be thwarted by illness or injury... or both. It's unbelievably frustrating.

It's given me a lot of time to think and read, however. I've had time to explore iOS7 (I really don't like it) and organize thoughts on the new Apple iOS. I've discovered a passion for mobile technology and figured out that what I really like about video games is story and catharsis. At times, I want to dedicate myself to sharing these passions, especially when I look online and see the (lack of) quality content (and poor writing) available.

I love the iPad and Sony Playstation Vita. In particular, there's a lot of negative press surrounding the Vita, and technology seems to draw flame wars about as frequently as politics. I don't like the hostility and personal attacks. Why can't I like iOS and Android? Mac OS and Windows? Why can't I like the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita? Playstation and Xbox? Why can't I have both Christian conservative and Obama supporters as friends? Why can't I discuss religion and politics with friends and in public?

Perhaps it's old-fashioned tribalism, something built in our DNA. You're not supposed to like the Oakland A's and the SF Giants, Raiders and 49ers, Lakers and Clippers, Nadal and Federer. You're supposed to choose, and never change sides.

It's been frustrating enough where I've thought about just writing about RPG stories... I just don't know that anyone wants to read my thoughts on Skyrim and Persona 4, so perhaps I might as well just keep it all private. I also don't know why anyone would want to read this.

Sometimes I don't think I have the energy to write about controversial things on a regular basis. I don't always have the energy... rather, I rarely do. It takes time, patience and the courage of conviction to state your position and defend it — because people will attack it.

My new blog will be built using WordPress, and I intend to devote a significant portion of my strength to it. If you follow my Facebook, you know that it's almost entirely political, with a few Instagram photos of my mom's cats and links to video game news and free apps mixed in. I love America, small businesses, free market capitalism and The Constitution — I want to share this passion in my personal pursuit for more knowledge and constant growth. I hope that I can continue to learn and educate along this bumpy road of life.

There will be supporters and detractors. I will always encourage people who disagree with me to share their thoughts, but I won't tolerate name-calling, personal attacks and vile, spiteful remarks. People can feel however they feel, but I can't afford to have that negativity seep into my life. I hope to have rigorous, honest debate and exchange perspectives and values with various people from all backgrounds. Mostly, I hope that I will have the strength to continue and carry on.

Thanks again for your support. As the Bay Area cools down and nights get longer, I should have more energy to get this blog back on track, too.



SaysBrad Blogging Update

I've been thinking about this blog, its content and structure, what I want to do with it, what I write and how often. It's time-consuming — especially the reviews and commentary. Recent events have encouraged me to write about more serious matters; it's important, but not always "fun."

I've been blogging about whatever I find interesting for about a dozen years — the problem is that I like a lot of random things and don't always know what to share and when to do it. Do I blog for me? For you? For whom? I'm not really sure... perhaps all of the above.

When I started this blog, I decided that I wanted a change of pace, something different from the ego-centric LiveJournal days and the myriad of now-defunct blogs and disorganization. In part on the advice of a few blogger/Internet friends, I stopped splitting up my blogging across various sites and dumped all of my ideas into one site... but in doing so, I've lost something and have edited away a lot of potentially great content.

I used to have a personal site about my chronic pain and disability troubles, but it felt like a chore and stopped being fulfilling. Frankly, I'm not sure many people cared to read about it — it's fairly depressing. I thought about migrating that content. I still use tumblr, and although I decided to get rid of the custom domain, I still like the service in general. Tumblr is clean, organized and simple; its usability makes it ideal for sharing links, images and videos. I've also explored Pinterest a bit.

Primarily, I've been using Twitter and Facebook for updates and links, partially due to ease-of-use — iOS' notifications drop-down tab menu has buttons for updating to either service, but because my Facebook posts are sent to Twitter, it's two birds, one shot. Additionally, Safari on iPhone/iPad has Facebook/Twitter sharing built-in; if I read or see something clever, cute, thought-provoking, disturbing or otherwise important, I can quickly send it to Facebook and Twitter feeds. I don't really consider it publishing, but I try to add diligent comments to the updates. (In particular, I like the way fb displays links)

I've been considering using Tumblr instead of Facebook (for links and quick updates). Perhaps I'll just post here — but that means restructuring and redesigning the blog and layout. Currently, Says Brad is set up for several long-form posts per month, not dozens of blurbs per day. If I leave the layout as-is and update hourly, stuff will get lost in the fray.

I still want to post app reviews, artwork, current event commentary and want to write about global issues, politics and government, America, crime and corruption; important, serious matters that seem incongruent with a blog primarily focused on iPad apps and tech toys. How should I reconcile these interests? Should I abandon one for another?

Posting to Facebook is quick and carefree — a process driven by free-form expression and quantity — it reflects the oft-ridiculous plethora of information on the Internet, and I feel less compelled to proofread and edit those posts. Writing for this blog is often laborious and intensive — but also more rewarding. How do I bridge this dichotomy; cherry-pick and consolidate these different, functionally independent updates into one thing, one site, a single blog roll?


With a miserable abundance of tragedies unfolding worldwide, these dilemmas seem insignificant and laughable... but it is, amidst more mundane and serious matters, what I've been thinking about while dealing with debilitating pain and physical disability. Blogging, this welcome distraction, is motivating and uplifting.

Except when it's more stressful — like now — when I end up worrying about it. Perhaps I'll just post more, post messy, and see what happens. Thoughts?



Updating my presence.

The past few months have been an incredible journey — I’ve met interesting people, created some great design, and have been reinvigorated… I’m excited to see where this new path takes me. I’m in the process of creating new cards, new materials, new websites — new branding — and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share it first with my family and friends, and then everyone.

I hope you like it.

Meanwhile, I will continue to update Bradtastic Defined with thought-provoking entries as time permits; I’m able to set-aside very little for recreation, as whatever time I’m not working, I need for rest. Creativity is greatly hindered by sleep-deprivation — in order to remain Bradtastic, I must be rested!

Check back soon, or follow me at Twitter!