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September to Remember!

I wish that I had more time to write so I could share some thoughts about the new iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Pay and iOS8 (which looks amazing)… but being out here has really changed things. Aside from the usual things that I had to deal with in Oakland, there are these events and invites to things that come up, as well as free dinners almost any night of the week.

Of course, nothing is really free — most of these perks require some time at the tables or machines. But I did get to see the Air Races, Reno Collier and Larry The Cable Guy, as well as the Mayhem Showtime PPV event with Mayweather vs Maidana on a big screen while sitting in a very nice private booth I managed to snag.

Mostly, I’ve had to adjust to getting into a different mindset and thinking about things like inevitable gambling losses differently. It’s quite different when you live out of town and gamble maybe a few times per year; very different when there are major casino resorts less than one mile away.

One great side benefit is that I’ve been doing a lot more walking. It’s nice being able to leave the house without much worry about, well, Oakland things.

I still have a few art and design projects to finish up, and my birthday is on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll get something neat! Like a $7K Royal Flush. Or something from my Amazon wish list. Who knows.

Life is much better here. But that definitely leaves less time to chat and rant about things on the internet. Hopefully I can find balance there, too.


Update! Things are looking up!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re well.

Just another personal update so you know that I’m still alive and doing things.

Things are going really well here. I had several really slow, rather uneventful months in Oakland at the beginning of this year, but since moving here and getting settled, things have been picking up! I’ve got a bunch of new projects and have made some progress on major design projects that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’m really looking forward to sharing those things.

In addition, my family just moved up here — about 30 minutes away. That’s really cool, too, because it seems to be much better for my father. I’m glad that the pets have adjusted well to the transition as well. I was a little worried about Muffin, my childhood dog, but she was apparently really good in the car ride to Sparks and has been very content since. (Really cute/heartbreaking: when the house was being packed up, she was really nervous and started crying because she seemed to think that she was going to get left behind. She’s been glued to my mom and sister since. And bonus! (formerly John Ascuaga’s) Nugget in Sparks has a pet-friendly floor, so she’s been able to stay with my family in the hotel as well!

More exciting news!

I finally got a few suggestions of local places to go for good food and coffee! (Thanks, Lindsey!) Java Jungle is a cool, artsy, indie coffee shop a few blocks away from me, and there’s a nice family-owned Italian Restaurant called Noble Pie Parlor that I now want to check out. The majority of the stores and restaurants in Reno seem to be chain/franchise places, and there’s a lot of fast food — not a lot of fresh. Most of the fish is frozen out here, and at the majority of restaurants that I’ve been to, there aren’t any vegetarian main courses. I asked at several, and after getting a strange look, I get suggestions like, ”Well, you can get a chicken salad… with a side of steak.” A lot of fried food and a lot of potatoes. Really heavy food. Fortunately, I really like eating at home — it’s been a necessity for so many years due to my condition that I’ve grown to vastly prefer it to eating out. But even as a true creature of habit, sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

I’ve been able to spend a fair amount of time with my dad and his friend Steve, doing one of my dad’s favorite things — gambling at the Pai Gow tables. My father is insanely lucky. People have a hard time believing how many big hands he’s picked up (seven card straight flushes, five aces, royal flushes, etc). I’d never had anything bigger than a full house until this weekend!

Several days ago, I got my first Straight Flush, and last night, I got four tens with two queens on top at The Nugget — and then we went over the The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno and I got a handful of straights, flushes and full houses. I stayed at the table for a bit too long though; four times in a row, I was one card away from a Royal Flush, usually with an off-suit face card for a high straight. What makes it so… addicting, I suppose, is that the card that I needed was usually in the hand of the person directly next to me. So while I was picking up pushes with bonuses, I was thinking, well, I think I’ll hit a big one pretty soon!” Sadly, no straight-flush or four-of-a-kind at *GSR. But I met some nice people there and had a pretty good time!

Unpacking and organizing is still going relatively slowly. I’ve been trying to find all of my computer equipment and get my desk setup but I’m still missing a few things. I really hope that Apple releases a really kick-ass iPad this year. Mine is starting to really show its age; a lot of new apps lag.

Although unpacking and the various new (and old) projects are going to continue to take up a lot of time and energy, I think I can set aside time to write some reviews and work on some long form content for Bradtastica and SaysBrad. I’ve added some things to my various social pages and Pinterest, but by far, the bulk of my posts have been on my facebook. Mostly link posts to the various articles that I’ve read, and occasionally YouTube videos that I think are worth watching. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, feel free to follow me there.

Wherever you are, take care and enjoy the rest of this Memorial Day weekend!


Reno is fantastic!

Instagram @bradtastic

I'm absolutely loving it here. I just wish I had more time and energy each day because unpacking is time consuming. I suppose I have too much stuff... in addition to everything from my previous place, a bunch of furniture from the office came with.

Still sorting and organizing a month in, but even with the still packed boxes everywhere, it already feels like home. Many friends and acquaintances from the Bay Area were puzzled by my decision to move here — some called Reno boring — they really have no clue. Reno has just about everything I'd want in a city, and it's not that far from Lake Tahoe.

I just got my iPad replaced at the local Apple Store, and it's running great. It's encouraged me to work on iPad art again! And hopefully I can finish a few projects that have been held up due to my health issues. Perhaps it's too soon to get excited, but the atmosphere here is overall, more comfortable. I've only had one migraine thus far!

Also, I'm hoping that I can refocus on writing as well. Writing is a depreciating skill, and I'm somewhat out of practice. Although I've outlined many different ideas, I haven't been able to focus on publishing decent content. The environment and atmosphere in my new condo by the river should be much more conducive — all around, I feel better here, for whatever that's worth.

Hopefully things are good wherever you are, too... but if not, consider Nevada!

Now, if only we could do something about Harry Reid...



Nevada Update!

Hey everyone! I am almost completely settled in my new state!

So far, so good. But I haven't had much time or energy for fun things like blogging. I've been keeping notes about things that I want to write about, but I also have about 60 unpacked boxes. There were some things broken and seemingly, some things missing.

But all around, things are great here! The people are nice. There's some issues with the unit I'm in, though. Right now I also have a crazy number of seats. My two bedroom can seat 30 people. And I'm still missing two chairs.

So almost completely settled really means, I'm almost able to never go back to Oakland.

I need to go back a few times maybe to take care of some issues, but after that, if I go to the Golden State it will be for vaykay. People have been dissing Reno, but they're all crazy. Reno is awesome. It has everything I liked in the Bay Area, plus more, and all within a ten mile radius.

Reno people consider half-hour commutes to be too long. As a Bay Area native, it makes me laugh every time I hear it, because it's said without sarcasm. That's the pace and style here. And I like it. Because I hate traffic.

I should have more time to blog in April — hopefully I'll have my desk chair back by then. I have two kickass desks in my office now.

I'm much happier here. Hope things are going well for you!


Got Nugget? Part One.

From Sparks, NV to Oakland, CA

I’m back in the Bay Area once again, after a nice relaxing week-long vacation — one so beautifully juxtaposed with the frenzied chaos of sound, drink, screams and laughter. The feint “clink” sound echoes through the walkways between high-tech digital slot machines emulating the sound of “coin payouts.” Buckets abound — as if they’re to be used by anyone anymore — there aren’t any “coin op” machines (insofar as I know)!

I felt a constant pressure there; one created by the overinflated egos and expectations mixed with the spirit of karma — positive and negative energy… in spades.

Blackjack — Win $700 during a fifteen minute rush; royal matches at 2.5:1 at least every other… 61 hands won out of 65. Loss of $470 during a ten minute beatdown; dealt two tens, dealer shows “6” — flips over “5” followed by “10.” Losing with a “20” when the dealer shows “6” — that hurts.

When that happens once…

It’s no biggie — and it’s not like I’m going to complain when I’m on the other side of that sort of Blackjack-magic. When bad beats happen like that hand after hand; well, that pile of chips starts to get small and the urge is to play just a little bit bigger — to win back the loss.

That’s generally a bad idea.

That’s probably the time to color up and play something else. Relax a bit… let the dealer “cool off.” People who’ll tell you that “cards have no memory” clearly don’t gamble much in the casino — the cards come in “runs,” and when you’re hot… it’s time to press the bets!

Especially with single or double-deck Blackjack… forget what the “guide” says and the “count.” Even if the deck doesn’t count rich — if you’re still winning each hand, why lower the bets back just because some book might try to tell you to?

Luck is essential. People who “gamble” and try too hard to use a “system” or mathematics generally aren’t having too much fun, win or lose.

It’s called “gambling,” and it’s supposed to be “fun.”

Playing against the house at a casino isn’t a career. The allure of “get rich quick” draws a lot of people to the tables and the slot machines, because, who knows — anyone could hit it big! That’s “luck.”

Many people find out that the dreams of “get-rich-quick” were payed for by a common, opposing reality — “get poor, quick.” The casino does not get so big and so pretty because the house loses regularly. The odds are generally against the player, but it is possible to win… sometimes, even… likely.

So gambling; win or lose, it should be, “have fun doing it.” 

If it’s not fun, spend your money on something else.


A few photos coming soon.