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Thanks, Brave American Heroes! (Veterans' Day fights at home and abroad)

Today is Veteran's Day — our troops deserve honor and respect. The brave men and women of our armed forces have been engaged in the longest conflicts in American history, and are 100% volunteers. 100% badass!

At this very moment, while I sit in my cozy apartment typing this entry, one of my good friends is away from his home, family and friends, guarding us against known terrorists — enemies of civilization. And while we squabble over the economy, ObamaCare and amnesty, Americans are risking life and limb on the front lines overseas, within several minute missile range of dangerous enemy states.

It's all too easy during this time of year to forget about the thousands of terrorists in the world, all of whom would like to destroy our way of life and kill you and your loved ones (as well as me and mine). While we silently and privately pray for our brothers, sisters, best friends, mothers and fathers overseas to make it back alive, it's important for us to keep morale up and keep the economy stable.

I want America to be better than it was when they left. I want our troops to return to a freer, more affordable, more prosperous United States. Sadly, I have ideological enemies here who don't want the same things; they see profit as bad, capitalism as anathema and the Tea Party as greedy, racist gun nuts.

(I don't believe anyone with that opinion of the Tea Partiers has spent any time around those conservatives and libertarians... a Facebook friend posted yesterday about attending a Clinton family fundraiser wearing orange — she was treated horribly and discriminated against because she was wearing the wrong gang colors. It's not surprising to me; Tea Party Patriots' rallies don't end with confrontations with law enforcement, arrests! and damaged property.)

I bring up conservatism here because while our troops are fighting the serious, no-room-for-error, hardball battles, I'm fighting the softer but very serious social and political battle here at home. Most of America's elite are conservative, from SEALs on down — I'm not saying that there aren't liberals in our armed forces, just that they're not the majority. I love America like our troops do, and want to preserve the America that they are risking their lives for.

That's why Benghazi, Extortion 17 and the World War II memorial closure is such a big deal to me. It's not about winning the political fight — lives were taken by enemies of America, sacrifices were made to keep us safe. Our troops and their families deserve the best... and they just aren't getting that right now.

I can't contribute to America like they can. The Obama administration doesn't want to profile terrorists, and while our president orders Predator JDAM strike after strike, our state department talks about winning the hearts and minds of our enemies. I don't think jihadists can simply be persuaded... but I think Americans with good intentions can be. We have serious problems with poverty unemployment, an overburdened, overtaxed middle class and crime and imprisonment, and our government has been putting band-aids on these wounds that won't go away. Congress keeps passing continuing resolutions instead of creating a budget. Our debt ceiling as been suspended, and we now owe an obscene amount of money that could quickly outpace our GDP.

And while health care and the economy are very troubling, there are social matters as well. My opponents claim that minorities and women are being singled out, targeted and abused along with the LGBT community. This needs to be addressed also, or the division between Americans will only widen. I know I don't have all of the answers, but I have to try and contribute to the discussions and debates. Conservatives aren't always good at clearly expressing their views and that's creating huge misconceptions about the GOP. In addition, there's a split between progressive establishment Republicans, so-called RINOs, and true small-government, free-market conservatives.

The main misconception is that all conservatives want to limit freedom, discriminate and control people's lives — in most cases, the exact opposite is true!

Democrats will staunchly disagree; I hope to convince them though and have reasonable, respectful dialogue, but so far I've found people — so convinced of their world view — that they are unwilling to even listen to me. I've been defriended and cursed at, have had numerous insults hurled at me (usually, but not always, from behind the veil of relative anonymity provided by the Internet) and have been personally attacked — because of the people I support, associate with, and the way I'd want my family, friends and me to live.

Our troops fight for freedom very literally, while my battles are without bloodshed. My fight is my way of being grateful to our troops and supporting their efforts abroad and around our borders. I want to ensure their way of life and their freedom (from government intrusion), and help to clarify our position. If liberals are going to hate my friends and me for being conservative, they should at least hate us for who we actually are and what we actually believe.

I'll be fine with it, if at the end of the day we have irreconcilable differences and can't agree, provided we disagree with what each other actually stands for and wants. I just don't want people hating each other over hype and falsehoods; it's all too common because each side is too often unwilling to hear from the other. In these scenarios, no one wins. So I won't personally attack and insult people over politics and try to see things from their points of view. It isn't an easy thing to do, but it's far simpler and safer than what our veterans went through. I feel like I owe them, at the very least, my sincere efforts to try to make America always better.

Freedom isn't free; it's cost millions of lives, billions of hours, trillions of dollars, and it will never be completely secured. I love this country and its patriots, I'm proud of it — and I want to always be worthy of it, as our Veterans surely are.


Memorial Day on my Facebook, State of our Union

Browsing through the endless feed, something insane looking grabs my attention:

Chris Hayes: I'm 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'

By Mark Finkelstein Effete: affected, overrefined, and ineffectual; see "Chris Hayes." OK, I appended the name of the MSNBC host to the dictionary definition. But if ever you wanted to see the human embodiment of the adjective in action, have a look at the video from his MSNBC show this morning of the too-refined-by-half Hayes explaining why he is "uncomfortable" in calling America's fallen military members "heroes."

Here's a link to the Newsbusters post. (There's a lot of interesting, quick articles at — if you're interested in something other than TV's typical liberal rhetoric.)

Crazy, I tell you. Immediately after reading/watching the post, I noticed a friend recently "liked" a Clibe sketch (image). It seemed particularly poignant, as if I was somehow telling myself to forget about changing the liberal mindset.

I typically don't do artsy catch-phrases, quotes and truisms; not because they seem like an artistic cop-out (they kind of are), not because they're usually bad and boring (this is the case, as these memes are usually started by talentless trolls), but because to do them well takes much more time than it's worth. Unfortunately, Clibe isn't good for much else.

Not every liberal is insane — unrealistic idealists, maybe — and there are certainly crazy conservatives… getting sidetracked.

Memorial Day: honoring the fallen, our heroes, is NOT a message or statement about war. It's about respect for those brave enough to defend us all, and remembrance for those whom made the ultimate sacrifice. Our way of life is constantly being threatened; our armed forces oppose enemies abroad, and far too often, Americans treat them like dirt — like a nuisance.

Our way of life is being threatened from within

High taxes, new regulations, inflation, overspending, Obama, ObamaCare, $5 TRILLION dollars increase in debt, rising unemployment (and numerous people employed, but still not making enough money to escape poverty), the loss of the American dream and American industry, self-created necessity on foreign oil and rising gas prices, Occupy (instead of occupation, often by choice and what Hannity calls the entitlement mentality)…

…big government, American socialists and Marxists, Washington corruption (once Presidential hopeful John Edwards, anyone?), products made in China, complacency, arrogance, racism, widening poverty gap, class warfare (constantly ignited by liberal media and Obama: the rich are screwing the poor, paying 'less' in taxes — yeah, sure, Romney's 15% is somehow less money than the average person's 35%)…

millions more on food stamps due to this Presidential administration, the Obama machine and supporters taking the fallback position, "blame Bush," instead of actually fixing the problem (remember, Obama promised "hope" and "change" — his words — along with cutting the deficit and unemployment in half), dismal public education, ridiculously overpriced colleges, student loans that can't be paid off…

…failing criminal justice system (prosecuting and jailing simple drug offenses is a waste of time and money, and it isn't stopping people from getting high if they want to), prejudicial courts (judges, attorneys, prosecutors, laws), prison overpopulation, increased gang activity, failed "war on crime" and "war on drugs," wasted money on "prevention" programs, cultural glorification of vigilantism…

…drug addiction, alcoholism, extreme obesity, underage drinking and drug use, early puberty, meat glue and pink slime, fast food diets, high divorce rates, mixed messages (on violence, sex, drugs, beauty), meth.

How can we trust?

People have lost faith; but because humans need faith, it's misplaced frequently — in bad science, technology, government, large corporations... an interesting point: so many people complain about large chain stores that pay minimum wage, import products from Asia, kill off small brick and mortar businesses — and yet, people still shop at Walmart… because of low prices.

Politicians can't seem to just tell the truth without embellishment, make realistic promises and curb spending. Even if taxes were increased dramatically and raised more money, our government would just find some new initiative to pour it into and increase debt.


Obama won't release his college transcripts, admitted to drinking and using cocaine in high school, worked at a law firm but did who knows what there (he didn't try cases, that's for sure), lied about a relationship in his book, and promised numerous things in 2008 and didn't deliver—

We're supposed to trust him? People are actually going to vote for him?!

Barack Obama is the first sitting President in over 30 years to lose more than 40% of the vote in three primaries. Maybe that's the "change" I can put "hope" into.