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    (Most Compact 20000mAh Portable Charger) Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with Most Powerful 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology

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    Klear Screen iKlear Cleaning Kit for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, LCD, Plasma TV, Computer Monitor and Keyboard (Cloth, Wipes and Spray)
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    Cosmonaut: Wide-Grip Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens
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    Adonit Jot Pro Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Other Touch Screens (ADJPG)

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    Pencil by FiftyThree Digital Stylus for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3/4 - Walnut

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The track of time

I hate the sound of ticking clocks; as if they seek to remind me that time slips by so fast, that our moments on Earth are but a cosmic blip, sparkle and fade.

The tick tock of analogue clocks has vexed me since early childhood. I began to actually hate it after my second brother died, it was as if the sound was a constant, unending reminder of impending death.


Life seemed so short, and death was as cold as it was omnipotent and inescapable. I wanted to go faster. Faster than what's ever been possible. As life is measured in heartbeats, I wanted to redshift and run away from the constraints of Earth time.




I learned to appreciate slowing down.


I met someone special, and an instant, saw a lifetime with her unravel in that single moment.


I met an interesting older man at the Montblanc store — we would talk about life, embodied in fine hand-craftsmanship.


Inside lucid dreams, I built entire cities that I've spent ten lifetimes exploring and enjoying.


However — I still find near intolerable, that agitating noise of a ticking clock.



Says Brad Update

Some have been wondering what's been going on and why I haven't been very active online and off this year. I've basically been very sick. I don't want to go into all of the details here, but my disability (mainly) — as well as cold + flu — has kept me resting indoors, attempting to recuperate.

The iPad & capacitive touch stylus + Siri & Dictation have been a tremendous help to me, these past few weeks in particular. Although not sophisticated nor accurate enough to effectively blog with, Dictation has helped me compose a few emails. Definitely going to look at integrating Dragon speech recognition software into my computer usage.

I sincerely hope that February is a better month for me. December 2012 and January 2013 has been a whole bunch of bad. When I'm feeling better, I hope to share some new sketches and stylus & app reviews.


Design is a Serious Lifestyle

BC Logo Concept 2
"BC" logo conceptual designs, #madewithpaper


Bradtastic Brad Chin BC logo concept designs made with paper by fifty three
Putting letters and symbols inside of shapes and playing with balance and positive versus negative space. Reminds me of "cake cutting" from NUMB3RS. Says Brad


As an artist, designing for yourself is often one of the hardest things to do.

When I started designing professionally eight years ago, I would meet all kinds of professional artists who didn't have their own business cards and websites. Sometimes, I'd get the qualifying statements excuses, "oh, this card is temporary," (or old), "my site is under construction." Fast-forward: things are about the same, except I'm not out much due to disability and chronic pain.

Sometimes I talk to artists online — at least now it's easy to setup an online gallery, free blog, flickr account, etc. — but the situation is still similar. As a solo freelance designer, you can't hire someone else to design your own stuff, and if you want to pay the bills each month, you have to keep working.

Disability and chronic pain changed everything for me, every aspect of my existence. I'm doing things and dealing with things that I never imagined in my pre-teen years. However, I still like a lot of the same things.

I've tried to create a little something for myself over the years, eventually settling on something that I liked, only to create something better the next day, week, or month. As an artist and as with all things, learning and improving — progress — should be constant. Consistent. So it's only natural that I'd continue to get better.

Design is a mission

Design should evolve and progress with society and culture. Being a designer is a commitment — the process itself is its own art form. Design is a way of thinking and a way of being. Design must grow, and sometimes through growth, change, but the commitment remains in the roots. Great design requires a commitment to perpetual excellence.

But logos? Logos should be constant… at least for longer. Like a name, a logo is an essential symbol of identity, but it should be more. It should convey values and ideals, traditions and origins. It should impress upon and instill its audience with a thought or feeling. Good logos deliver messages. So how does a designer design a logo? Design is always changing, designers are always improving, but a logo should stay the same. A paradox? No. Difficult, though.

The big blessing, The New iPad

Using Paper, I created a few "BC" logo concepts — something I could use, like a monogram maybe. Throughout the day, I tweaked and refines these sketches; some were erased, others duplicated. Some of them work, others not so much. During this process, I thought about how I was doing what I was doing… and how special it is for me.

Several years ago, Apple released the iPad and surprisingly, changed my life. Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to get The New iPad; just a minor update/refresh of the iPad 2 for some, this device changed my life again, and continues to with new apps and app updates.

Equally surprising is the app Paper by FiftyThree, my thoughts paralleling the first-generation iPad. (I loved The Next Generation from the beginning) When I first saw (both of) these, I thought more style than substance, and I probably won't use this. In both cases, I'm very happy to be so-entirely incorrect.

I couldn't envision the benefits. Both seemed too similar to stuff I already had, stuff I was satisfied with. Both have blown me away, both I've mentioned before.

I mention it now because both the iPad (especially the new one with the Retina Display) and Paper (with my super styluses, oStylus DOT and Cosmonaut) are my main creative tools. Despite my condition, I can quickly draw and write, even laying down. With Dictation on the New iPad, I capture thoughts without holding the device!

The stuff I've drawn here probably wouldn't exist without these things. Hopefully, both will continue to improve, as design should! (Paper could really use more color options, zoom, and Jot Touch/Jaja support!)

The bigger, better

The relationships that I've developed because of the iPad are perhaps even more extraordinary. I'm friends with people I'd never have met otherwise; people across the country, some from other continents, others out of our solar system on outpost space stations and starships.

Some of the app developers have inspired me to keep trying, keep improving. iOS developers and accessory makers (those I've interacted with) are all really nice people, easy to communicate with and quick to respond. They appreciate and often encourage feedback, constantly improving, as designers should!

In particular, I want to mention Lance Barton. His company makes blogging happen on the iPad. Blogsy is fantastic as-is, and is always improving… (there's a pattern to things I appreciate and admire)

Lance has been really courteous and generous with his time. We email, and although he isn't a big writer, he always responds. Hopefully we'll video chat; FaceTime or something. He's from California but llives in South Korea; I think that's pretty cool. Aside from being my friend, I think it's great that he cares a lot about Blogsy user experience and answers everyone's questions. I had an relatively minor issue publishing here using Blogsy; he invested a lot of time troubleshooting, and had his team figure out how to fix it.

I also want to mention Andrew Goss. He's a manufacturing jeweler in Canada and is fantastically generous and kind. He designed and made the amazing oStylus, and then improved it with the DOT, and then improved the DOT! He's also a grandfather. He designed the oStylus because he wanted a great stylus to use with his iPad. That's pretty cool.

Sometimes, the process is more remarkable than the outcome.

Design lead me the iPad and these people just as graphic design is the basis of the images above. Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. Perhaps design isn't just a way of life or result. Perhaps it's in the core, the components, the elements, the trials, the errors, the paths — both what is done and how it's done. Maybe sometimes God is in the details.


A final thought on portfolios for professional artists out there.

I've found that sometimes, a comprehensive portfolio can work against you and your client or prospect. This happens when a potential client sees work done for someone else, and is then set on something similar. Instead of presenting previous projects and too many options, if I thought someone might offer repeat business, I'd create a few free design concepts. The advantage is that it's customized specifically for that potential client, the disadvantage is that it could mean doing work for no money — and the risk that that s/he/they might take that idea and give it to someone else. (There are a few ways to mitigate this risk, however.)


Some changes to "Bradtastic Defined."

Things change, life changes… I’m old now. Damn it. What I wouldn’t give or do to repeat childhood… 

That’s impossible, but it’ll be okay, because I have other things in mind. I’m old now, but I’m not terribly, horribly, “face-all-wrinkly” or “falling-off-entirely” old. I stated before (more than once… oops) that I wanted to write more — that I was going to — and now, I kind of, actually, can! Exciting! 

Surprisingly, I’ve settled on fiction. Serendipity or insanity, time will tell, but inspiration struck violently and unexpectedly, and I can’t ignore it. Since, I’ve worked on my narrative prose, grammar (I’m close to knighthood in the Order of the TweeterGrammarton) and style. Style, because today, it’s about style over substance. Word. 

Been thinkin’ and thankin’

I’m considering writing serialized short stories. I’d post a new “chapter” each week on a (my) blog… dunno which one. Maybe this one. Maybe not. I have some unused cool domain names. 

Mostly, I’ve been sharing stories about dealing with pain and disability, and I’ve been educating others, raising awareness, and communicating with other people with problems. Specifically, I get that everyone has problems. Generally, I know that most people are doing okay. Life is a lot easier when your body works (somewhat) properly. 

Sometimes, I’ll try to pick something up and I’ll end up knocking it over, or I’ll want to make a fist, and instead, my arm starts shaking. My damned shoulder is hurting so bad at the moment. (Accidental “bang” — or bump or poke or whatever you want to call it — yesterday) 

Because it’s separate, and well, because I want to, I post my other stuff over there. Or here. But mostly at Bradtastic Defined, or (note: the ‘www’ is necessary, because TypePad says so. I know, it’s lame. Tell that to SAY). Because things are different now, I’ve changed the description and intent of the bradchin, a domain that used to host my inkblog. *(I used to love ink blogging… sigh) 


So here it is, from “Bradtastic” Defined, personal blog (with disability stuff):

The mostly accurate drama of the life of Brad Chin, presented in dramatic fashion in full-HD, 1080p, 3D on an LED TV without LSD, PCP or PVC… no MSG, not for sale on QVC or available on DVD, and I can guarantee — that that’s N.O.T. what she S.A.I.D.


If you want to know more… go there and read some. If you like it, you can help fund my first novel by sending a gift via Amazon (my wish list)! Also, my birthday is in 34 days… also known as “twenty five weekdays from today,” or “four weeks, six days,” or “one month and three days from today,” or expressed more ‘l33t,’ 1m3dr1zzleF1zzizzl. *(minus the 1zzles) 

Okay, that was odd. I get weird when I’m tired and hurting more than I do normally. I’m going to stop. I set this entry to post at 1:11 (afternoon), so make a wish… at 11:11 — because it’s likely past 1:11 now.



Something brewing.

# for the moment, it isn’t coffee.

However, it is morning. Another morning, another day, soon-to-be another weekend and another week — time does feel like it’s moving faster now. Some science channel show I’d seen mentioned that time seems to speed up as we get older, and for me, that’s certainly the case. In grade school, weeks seemed long, the school year lasted forever, and although summer seemed a bit short, I was involved in plenty of activities and got a lot of playing done, too.

It’s easier to lose sight of things now. I’ve always made an effort to plan things out — though the best laid plans often go astray — but now, my days just don’t last long enough. In addition, I used to have this Mercedes-Benz-*esque* attitude: the best, or nothing… though that was not their slogan at that time. Now it’s often about just GTD… getting things done. Good. Complete. But not necessarily perfect, rather, nearest as one can get.

## moving forward

### I’ve been giving less thought to this blog and blogs of mine in general; the concepts, the effort, the actual work involved, the purpose… thusly, I haven’t concluded anything. But I have thoughts.

1. I want to write more about living with a disability and getting by. Life in America is changing, and for the disabled, everything is harder — more complex. Work, relationships, fun, you name it. Don’t say “parking,” thinking that you’re clever, either. ([handicappedfraud]( <— more thoughts on that, soon.)

1. I’d like to share more artwork, even if it’s just doodles. For posterity, even.

1. I’d like to fix my websites; I’d like to make them look prettier. Obviously, I can’t make it appeal to everyone, but right now, it’s a little messy.

1. I want to get Bradtastic back up and running something. It’s been down for too long. I have things that I could share there, and it could be valuable for people… including me.

1. I want to read and write more fiction. I’m not exposed to enough of it anymore. Sure, I’ve read some sappy teen vampire books and some Orson Scott Card, but I want to expand out. No Harry Potter, though — not then, not now. Please don’t try to tell me it’s great stuff; she’s a billionaire now, okay, I get it.

## レヂセタゴ ready, settago!

Yes, I will still play video games and mess around with iOS software. It’s fun, and practical; video games are indeed art, and it’s an industry bigger than music and movies — the iOS platform is only getting better, the apps are inexpensive and sometimes free, and can help organize, get things done, and importantly, reduce stress and increase happiness. Being disabled, fun is often rare, in only slightly greater supply than that elusive contentment and mythical “true happiness.”

However, I am now more selective about the games I play. I’m interested in story-based games, and will choose them over graphics and sometimes even gameplay. I rarely watch movies anymore — most of them, pure crap — so it’s a sort of trade-off… passive for interactive.

I have a fantastic set of stories stirring ‘round my mind, invading my dreams and bursting out every orifice. Sorry, gross visual. It’s just… I’ve never been this eager to share a piece of myself, and it’s fictional.

I do think that isolation is the mother of inspiration. Pure creativity — perhaps that’s more genetic. Combine it all, what do you get? Stuff like Teletubbies. Joyous day!


Surely, a changing world.

Recent events have put human technology and progress into context for me once again, as our planet has shown us all once again how much power we really have. It's been a trying time, a scary few weeks for some, and slightly comical, as well.

Japan gets hit by the strongest earthquake on record and tsunamis cause chaos—as Apple begins selling it's much anticipated iPad 2. Of course, this natural disaster is only the most recent; Haiti was hit, the US as well, we have soldiers half-way 'round the world, and there's some "unrest" (massive understatement) in Eqypt and Libya.

Oh, and NYTimes says blogs aren't as popular anymore. Go figure; microblogging has taken over—because ideas just shouldn't need more than 140 characters to get across. And then there's Tumblr.

News is generally depressing, the web is generally funny (or incorrect), and blogs? I wish I could share good news more often. The fact is, life is as hard as ever, the economy is still screwed up, 2012 approaches (* scared face) and the past few days have been sunny, hot and miserable. I really should've blogged last week; we had rain, and I loved it.

Living with a disability doesn't make sense to me, yet. I'm still not acclimated; I want to go do things, I want to experience things and move about in ways I just can't anymore, and the psychological toll is often as steep as the physical one. Every medication has a nasty side-effect, every controlled substance is a pain in the ass to get.

But it isn't all bad.

Things take more time and progress is slower, but I've learned a lot more with time to casually observe things instead of zipping by everyone and everything almost always. Perhaps that's what youth is supposed to be for; but we find out, some sooner than others, that invincibility is pure fantasy. Everything has its price; for every action, there's—well, the picture should be clear, even if I didn't include one with this post.

Surely, things are changing. Lucid dreams are a regular thing now, and in them, I get to explore beyond boundaries and constraints—I can literally float upward and push myself through the ceiling if I feel like it. Mastery of waking reality mightn't be so simple, but I don't know that yet—I'm still learning... and the world is still changing.

The world is falling apart.

How long can we fight entropy? I think about things that have meaning, and people, and wonder. Wondrous things, all around all of us—yet how often do we notice this? How many skylines are appreciated, how much art goes unseen? What are these words worth, and to whom?

I think, "what music am I missing?" [out on] and I listen. I feel something and I share it. I close my eyes and dream vividly. In art, worlds are created to supplement life and replace what crumbles.

I'm building some more.



Friends leave, people change, life goes on… until it stops. Some of us search for meaning, others ignore it.

With everything going on Earth, the complexities of society and social networking, politics, economy, war, religion, technology… I look to the vastness of the universe and our blue planet seems so insignificant. “interesting” and “worthwhile” are subjective — are they irrelevant? I suppose that’s also a matter of perspective. A friend of mine left on a red-eye flight across the country; she’ll be away for months, we’ll physically be apart, but I’m not sure how much will change for me. Our technology connects us and separates us; we can communicate effectively across continents, and just as effectively, we can use our computers to ignore our neighbors and stay in — instead of going out to meet friends. When deep space travel becomes a reality, what then? Will we have solved any of the problems that society considers important — will it matter? When I look at the frailty of life, it pleases me that greater things exist.