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Can't decide between iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display?

Written on iPad mini, using Penultimate & oStylus DOT

If you're having trouble choosing between Apple's new iPads, ask yourself this:

What do you use the iPad for, and where?


If your primary tasks involve text; plus you watch some TV shows, movies, browse the web and chat with friends, the retina mini is probably the way to go. It's $100 less, has the A7, 326ppi display (highest density Apple offers on anything), and is super light and portable.


However, if your primary tasks are some sort of visual content creation, you should strongly consider the Air.


Numerous reviews point out the sad reality that Apple chose a cheaper, lower grade display technology with less color accuracy for the new mini. In addition, the clock speed is 100mhz slower and the iPad mini has less thermal headroom. This translates into lowered performance over time when running processor intensive apps; the Air can keep running at higher speeds for longer while generating less heat on critical components.


While speed may not be an issue for months, it will invariably matter sometime in the future. The Air will remain viable for longer, making it a better overall investment, even if you are planning on upgrading each year.



Neither new iPad has Touch ID, a feature I've come to love and one that makes usage much easier and more pleasant. I can let my device lock whenever the screen shuts off without having to swipe and type a password each time I turn it on. It's arguably even more beneficial for an iPad than iPhone due to the size of the screen and the keypad layout; you have to swipe and stretch farther to unlock the iPad, and the power button is farther from the home button.


It seems inevitable that next year's iPads will have Touch ID and faster processors, and the mini will likely have a screen on par with competitors' and the larger iPad. If you really want a great retina mini like I do, wait for that one.


Meanwhile, if you do a lot of drawing, design, 3D or photo work on the iPad, you'll likely appreciate both the 9.7" screen and the accurate color. Apple has done a pretty good job ensuring that their full-size screens are calibrated straight-away. The Air is significantly lighter than iPad 3/4 — and while 1/4lb heavier than the mini, it's the same thickness.


If you can, get to an Apple retailer and demo the tablets.


If you're creating art on the iPad and dead-set on the mini — thanks for reading this anyway! :-)


You won't likely be disappointed; the new mini is pretty cool. I love the iPad mini; although a big part of that is because the alternative for me was a somewhat sluggish, heavy tablet with a slow charging battery that overheats constantly. If the iPad 3 was lighter, faster and cooler (temperature), I probably wouldn't have looked twice at the mini. Now that I have one, it's tempting to never go back to the full-size... but I think it's the best choice.



Whatever you do, please, please... do not buy the iPad 2.



Wacom Bamboo Paper Notebook review iPad mini

Inkblogging on iPad mini with Wacom Bamboo stylus.


Tried writing block print and cursive (ink blogging, note-taking) on the iPad mini again, although this time, I used Wacom Bamboo Paper - Notebook iOS app instead of Penultimate (Evernote). The resulting handwriting still looks fairly hideous; that said, it's much nicer than Penultimate. The Wacom app has pinch-zoom magnification, but using it is finicky; often when I try to pinch, I end up drawing a line on the screen instead. Hopefully Wacom can fix this.

As a note taking app, Wacom's Bamboo Paper - Notebook isn't too bad — especially for free.

It doesn't compare to the premium apps such as Noteshelf, but it is functional. On the full-size iPad (retina), it's actually pretty nice. The color palette, while limited, offers some nice options. Wacom obviously took time selecting attractive, complementary colors.

Despite originally being designed as an eponymous companion-app/marketing tool for Wacom's Bamboo capacitive touch stylus, 'Paper Notebook has gone through several major iterations and feature changes — the recent iOS7 update being the most substantial and significant. Wacom added new drawing tools, paper styles and notebook covers, as well as support for their new pressure sensitive (2048 levels) Bluetooth 4 device, the Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad..

The drawing tools and artist notebook set is available as the Creative Pack for $3.99, and everything is is offered at $0.99. In the image above, I used only the two standard free tools and free paper type.

I love the iPad mini; mostly because of its lightweight design and rounded edges (the iPad 3 has narrow edges, making it uncomfortable to hold without a nice case like ones made by Incipio), but I don't like drawing on it. In addition to the lack of retina display and slower processor, narrow margins on the left and right side of the screen makes it difficult to draw on-the-go in landscape mode because my palm ends up making contact the edge of the screen (doesn't happen to me when using the full-size iPad).

I also created some handwriting samples on my iPad 3 (Retina display) for comparison that I'll post later. I used the same two apps with very different results. The process of drawing and writing on my iPad and iPad mini side-by-side has confirmed that the iPad mini (first gen; I hope Apple releases a better, retina version soon) isn't a great visual artist's tool.

Worth mentioning: great tools, great devs.

I've been very impressed with several apps and their respective developers, so I'm going to review and feature more sketching and notes apps in the near future. For now — if you haven't already, go get Concepts Smarter Sketching and Tayasui Sketches. Both apps are prime examples of freemium done right; ad-free, fully-functional and useful without any IAP, and the paid features are inexpensive, major enhancements to the base app. Function and feature-rich! Check them out and let me know what you think! (Tell the developers, too! Both respond quickly)

Note: If you like creating vector art using software like Adobe Illustrator, Inkpad by Taptrix is still free (normally $4.99)! Inkpad is the best vector tool I've seen for the iPad, and it's been updated for iOS7.

Have you tried Inkblogging from an iPad?

If you have, I'd love to see it and share it with people. If we can encourage more people to draw, the world would be a better place... and if more people used iPads for ink blogging and handwriting, we might be able to convince Apple to release a special active digitizer iPad! Just a thought.



iPad mini note taking problems

Ink Blogging test using Penultimate for iPad by Brad Chin

While doing my semi-weekly tour of the App Store (most new apps release on Thursdays) — downloading new apps and checking out app updates — I decided to experiment with a few old apps.

I'm excited about the prospect of new iPads announced by Apple on October 22, in particular, I'd like a faster full-size iPad (hardware stylus support is probably too much to wish for, since Steve Jobs considered styli anathema) and a retina mini. I do a lot of writing and drawing on the iPad, but it's always felt a bit awkward and lacking. Quite simply, the iPad wasn't designed to be an artist's tool. I hope that that changes.

Opening up Penultimate (an original iPad app purchased by Evernote), I discovered support for an upcoming stylus release, the Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition ($74.99, shipping Oct 25). I've had mixed feelings about Adonit styluses as they don't work properly for long (although with a little modification, you can fix your Jot stylus), but this one looks fundamentally different. No disc tip. But... there aren't a lot of details on it.

In addition, Wacom released a new stylus called the Intuos Creative Stylus ($99) and it looks awesome. I asked them to send me one to review, but no response. (Maybe you can help me convince them? ^_^ I'd be grateful!) I really want the Wacom Cintiq Companion... but it's very expensive. I've been wanting to do more illustration and cartoon drawing, but the Intuos is difficult for me to use, and the iPad... well, it has issues.

The iPad mini has he same resolution as the iPad 2, meaning smaller pixels, but it also seems like they shrunk the capacitive detection mechanism also. It just doesn't track precisely. After using the mini for awhile, going back to the iPad 3 (retina) is somewhat euphoric — it's that much better.

Penultimate, however, always seems to have issues.

The test ink blog writing above was created quickly on the iPad mini without any magnification or zoom (Accessibility Options > Zoom). The app doesn't have pinch zoom or any kind of Paper by FiftyThree or Noteshelf type workaround, so I used to tap zoom until I finally ditched the app. I like the superb Evernote integration, but it's just not worth it. I don't like messy, ugly notes. If you've seen any of my handwriting, you know what I can normally produce digitally. The image above is just plain bad. I can read it so technically, it's usable, but I don't like it.

The iPad mini seems to track strokes off to the side. (See slash separators in 10/10/13 and the 'T' in "Test") Penultimate on iPad retina seems to simply create sloppy, rounded strokes, almost like a vector pen tool with smoothing, only worse.

I've also noticed that Paper by FiftyThree handles handwriting poorly, even with the magnifying tool. Their custom ink engine is nice for sketching (there is some stunning #madewithpaper artwork online, check it out), but just doesn't track the whip-like, short and rapid strokes used in natural handwriting — cursive seems a little better than block print.

What's your favorite handwriting tool for iOS? My favorites are still Noteshelf, Remarks and Muji Notebook. I've been using Noteshelf to track and compile my thoughts on iOS7 (spoiler: I'm not fond of it), plan my new websites and social networking profiles, and to outline my very overdue guide to iPad palm rejection (wrist protection) for artists.

I took a few new photos for that post, so hopefully I can edit it all and get it up soon. Oakland weather has been somewhat depressing and miserable for me this week... hot and sunny. My neighbors have been thrilled about it. Weirdos.



iPad inkblog attempt, 2012

I really don't know how this will turn out. I miss inkblogging, however. If you like it, please let me know.


My way of dealing.

Entertainment and work…

Chronic pain has an effect like Chinese Water Torture.

I’ve been looking for a full website sponsor — that search still continues as smaller donations and contributions trickle in (of course, it’s all appreciated!) — meanwhile, life goes on. Sometimes “real life” responsibilities get in the way of artistic and intellectual pursuits; I would like to be able to write more, sketch more and blog more, but bills have to get paid somehow, and I have responsibilities to my family.

Still, I suppose everyone needs an outlet of some kind.

About four years ago, I purchased XBOX 360. The system hadn’t been out long; it was hard to find, and several reports of the “red ring of death” had tainted the system’s reputation. Still, I took the plunge, getting the most basic edition imaginable. I’m glad that I did.

XBOX LIVE is an absolute treat. Although the initial shock of the Gold Membership fee made me initially hesitant, even skeptical — as if I were paying for online “adult entertainment” (what does “Gold Membership” sound like to you?) — I wanted online play. Bare, the service was worth it.

Now, it’s even better.

With Netflix Watch Instantly and Party viewing, wireless controllers with chatboard attachments and integrated Windows Live chat, the 360 is a social entertainment hub. To add to that, Microsoft is integrating Facebook and Twitter. Social networking and gaming are being made even more accessible.

I have the Elite system now, with an Ace Combat 6 faceplate and 120gb hard drive. When I’m not working, resting, eating, writing or drawing… I can be found playing some LIVE ARCADE game, or recently, Borderlands, DJ Hero, Forza Motorsport 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD6).

Gaming together would be fun. During a nice jam session or first-person shoot-em-up (FPS, or “RPS,” role-playing shooter — Borderlands), pain has less of a hold on me. Got 360 LIVE GOLD? You can help… we can play!

Gamertag: Rainfault

Changes at — I’ve added an Ink section.

The first post should appear later today. I’ve already started it, but I’m having some technical issues with my current tablet and netbook. Both are slowing me down. I’ve added a few pick-me-ups here, at Thinkgeek. Some of my friends and contacts have some cool things going; I’ll share more on that later, and try to review several of their projects.

Maybe I can even convince them to give some free products and/or goodies away as presents to lucky readers!

Until then… I have some work to do and things to straighten out. It’s way too hot here in Oakland; my southern-view collects sunlight from rise to set, and the temperature in my unit becomes unbearable without AC — due in-part to screens and computers. I try to rest during the heat (and light) of the day. I’m more awake from twilight to sunrise.


Ink Changes Ahead


First, thank you for visiting my new blog! It means a lot to me that you take the time to read my handwriting — I know that it’s more time-consuming. I’ve spent almost two years developing this style.

Cult of Ink
There are other inkbloggers out there, and I’m going to add some to my links. My thought is — I’d like to create a colloborative ink project — multiple inkers at one site! At a minimum, I’m going to create a special ink section here, with an “about” and some tips — “how to start ink-blogging.” Which brings me to the next matter at hand…

I’d mentioned at Twitter (@bradtastic) — I’m looking for an inkblog super-sponsor! I can ink more-frequently with a little support, and cover more-serious topics.

I’m offering prominently-placed full-site advertisements, marketing and design, write-ups, reviews, loyal fans and followers — I’ll even send a present!

Last year, I won an Ink Blot Award. is down with my style, plus — I’m Bradtastic — all kinds of cool stuff is coming. 2010 is going to be BIG!

Please let me know if you’re interested — I’ll send to you, your brand or business, the details and all of the information. Future topics include — psychology, deception detection, relationships, business, art, criminology, tech-stuff… fiction and more!

Please subscribe to my RSS FEED — I’m going to post information on new Bradtastic Projects and websites, plus more on the future of and my new “business” site. I’ve been working on some really cool stuff and I am currently talking to some new, very-interesting people. I’m also putting together new things — super-top-secret (not really) — with longtime associates.

Hugs & Kisses, Love plus high-fives!


New Feature: Email Form

Contacting me directly: problem solved.

In a better world, I’d simply post my email address, boldly… proudly.

Unfortunately, that’s asking for spam and fraud… and worse.

For messages unfit for public comment or guestbook posts, I can be reached with ease from this page. (A direct link also exits under “Navigation” on the sidebar.) 

Several people have contacted me through my Retaggr widget or Facebook because my email address isn’t clearly available. (It can be found, if you dig!) I do my best to respond to all legitimate messages, however they come. If you’ve tried to contact me and haven’t received a reply, please leave a comment here (with valid email — don’t worry, it’s not displayed to the public), or try my new email form.

Thanks again for all your support. I’m having a blast with this blog.

Other modifications and changes.

I’ve added several things to my sidebar after some rearranging, including a direct RSS FEED link. I’ve also increased the number of entries displayed per page, from five to nine. I’m blogging more, and it’s great; in-part, because of this platform. Squarespace feels extremely powerful… its UI and customer support has handled everything I’ve wanted and asked for, and I’ve barely dabbled.

I know that I can do so much more here, and I’m happily experimenting somewhat, in preparation for my rerelease of the Bradtastic Premier business website. In-tandem with “Superfluous,” it’ll represent the online-epitome and essence of Brad Chin — and that’s thrilling.

New content will appear frequently — I’m shifting gears for 2010. This isn’t about “get rich, quick” — my business associates and friends create classy, responsible, quality content. If you’re working on something that coincides with my endeavors and would like to contribute or collaborate, please let me know — no guarantees, but I’m open to many possibilities.

Always thinking ahead and beyond.

If you have a feature-request, please don’t keep it to yourself. This UI allows for many additions and modifications without extreme-coding — perfect for me at the moment, as I’d rather spend spare-time focussing on writing and typography. Squarespace would likely make a great host for your website (not just “the blog”) — click here to get started with a 14-day free trial. [Using that link with my affiliate ID will help to offset some of the costs here, and it’s a nice way to boldly state: “I like your blogging, Brad.”]

For the artists:

If you can design and/or code and are looking for new projects, let me know. I can offer many opportunities and commissions to serious people almost immediately. I’m more interested in dedication and work-ethic than talent; if you’re new to design, but you’re willing to work, don’t be shy just because your portfolio isn’t perfect.

If you have a friend who may be interested — and qualified — let them know that Bradtastic is looking. Help your buddy find quality work!


In a few hours, I’ll post my next ink blog entry. Articles in-progress include: a Canteo Classeur A5 lined notebook review (a Swiss-made journal previously-unavailable in the US… and still incredibly rare!), and an “art of impression” recap — a culmination of my experiences with relationships, marketing, sales pitches, pickups and presentations… so if you’re not subscribing to my feed, you should follow @bradtastic at Twitter or my Facebook!


Superfloo Anew, Logo Design Two!

©2009 Bradtastic™ Brad Chin. Please don’t steal art — it’s not a victimless crime.

Slowly but surely, it’s getting there.

I’ve been working with my newly-reformatted Tablet PC for several days now, but I’ve been sketching designs, doodles and graphics since my knee-high-to-duck days. “Superfloo” is a relatively new idea; I’ve been thinking about a logo since the beginning, but until recently, my plan was to create it in Adobe Illustrator, 100% vector.

Threw that idea aside, this is the result — or “version two,” anyway. I’m not easily sated — the design still needs work… I’ll likely create a few more logos, using symbols instead of the full-title.

Ink for the win: attention, received!

A few days ago, I emailed Sumocat (theFather of Inkblogging) about my plight — inkblogging inability. Reformatting my Tablet took away the older version of Live Writer, so I replaced it with Live Writer 2009.

Mark (Sumocat) is like Ink’s Superman — able to save the day and bring hope to Metropolis. Through him, I was able to get the older Live Writer install, and with that, I was able to fix inkblogging. Here at Superfluous, I’ve demonstrated the result — two ink posts — and more to come!

If you like it, please leave a note and tell your friends about it — inkblogging needs more fans and contributors!

Something inspirational, soon to arrive!

You might’ve seen my announcements — like this one — within days from now, I will receive Behance Action Method “offline” paper products, a Rhodia webnotebook, and most important, Canteo A5 notebooks!

I’m particularly thrilled because originally, I was expecting that the Canteo and Rhodia products — from Nota Bene — would take two weeks (or longer) to arrive. Fortunately, I took a moment to email them. I’d mentioned my intent to review the Canteo notebooks and share my findings, and conveyed my earnest excitement because — amongst many other things — Canteo can replace Moleskine for me.

Atop that… Canteo isn’t easy to find.

Their website doesn’t list a US distributor… I got lucky finding Canteo at Nota Bene. It wasn’t the first time that I’d been to their website, but this is my first order. I’d been told about their site by a pen collector I’d met at Montblanc because of another paper-product that they stock — Whitelines. I’m always looking for a great notebook — I need them, and my students need them.

The excitement isn’t stopping.

Thanks again for taking time to read/look at my website. Over the past several days, the number of unique visitors to my site has surged. This is a good sign! Moreover, this blog is fun… I enjoy posting here. The process of writing here has brought me discoveries — I’m grateful — and I intend to continue this upward spiral.

Inasmuch as this blog has thus far been the ultimate blogging thrill-ride, this site — I hope — may contribute to the success of my other endeavors.

This hypothetical boon is vital; being semi-crippled has countless draw-and-setbacks, and although kind words — insofar as they aid — and the luxurious fantasy of living solely off of Wishlist gifts is conceptually romantic and splendorous (as well as sugar-sweet), I still need food, have bills to pay, medicine to take and doctors to visit…

Fortunately, I’m having a blast; writing furiously, designing, illustrating, sketching and doodling again. I’m sure someone out there needs a new logo or graphics for something… or perhaps a new slogan, website text or brochure — you might even know someone. They’re probably worthy.

Come back soon! New ink and artwork on the way.

Who knows (not I), perchance something entirely unexpected makes an appearance here — gaspa serious article about real, important things?! A totally edge-of-your-seat moment approaches… maybe!


Inkblogging Again!

[INK POST: “Inkblogging Again!” TEXT VERSION]

Note: This is still work-in-progress, meaning, I’m still figuring out the best way to present “inkblog entries” aka handwritten articles, saved as images. If you’re having issues of any kind — most specifically, if you cannot see an image above — please let me know ASAP! (Thanks!)

Bradtastic “” — First Ink Attempt.

Much thanks to Sumocat for his help; perhaps I could even get the updated Live Writer to work with the inkblog plugin!

Well, Bradtastic is back in inkblogging action! I think that I’m going to setup a separate “journal” (at this site… don’t worry) for my inkposts, but I’m back!

Thanks for your patience and support! I ordered a few Canteo A5 notebooks and a Rhodia webnotebook, hopefully they’ll arrive in two weeks. I’ll write a review and share my findings here. Stay tuned — I have more artwork and Designwork to post, including another “” logo design… this time, it’s high quality and Bradtasticool. Hope you like it — please let me know what you think, it only takes a minute to leave a comment. Once again, thanks! It’s good to be inking once again, with an updated style, too!