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If you’re looking for an app, need personal or corporate branding, marketing material, an illustration, logo, sketch or design — there’s a Brad for that!

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Marrakech Magic Theater Card Design

I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought that I would share a design. I’ve posted some recent projects at Behance if you’re interested. But here’s a design created on the iPad using SketchBook Pro.

The design is work-in-progress and part of a project for The Marrakech Magic Theater, San Francisco’s #1 rated show on both TripAdvisor and Yelp. If you’re in San Francisco or visiting soon, make sure to check out the show and let Peter Morrison know where you heard about it.

I’m also working on a few new projects for MMT that will be completed and released soon. It’s nice to work on something that I have a lot more control over; I’ve been having pretty bad luck at Video Poker lately. However, I did place in a slot tournament for the first time and won $100 Free Play at JA Nugget last week, so maybe things will turn around. Wish me luck!


Vector Art: Bradtastic Classic Abstract

by Brad Chin — please don’t steal art, we work hard on this stuff! :-)

As promised, here’s some classic art.

This dates back to around high school I think. I find it interesting, looking back at these old pieces, I wouldn’t use the same techniques today; there’s a lot that I would change, add and take away, but I still like the piece. (I probably wouldn’t post it otherwise!) But looking at it, I wonder, what do I like about this?

I see so many things that I’d do differently, and yet, there’s something other than nostalgia that speaks to me. It’s up to you to judge whether or not you think it’s good or bad, if it means anything… if it’s pretty, cluttered, whatever.

I like the colors. I like the flow, the feel. I like the background. I added the Bradtastic and recently, and that might be my least favorite, though I dig it also.

Sometimes, I want some levity.

Recently, I’ve been posting pretty serious stuff. I’ve been working hard, and I’ve been very concerned with the state of our Union — America is in trouble, and there are many people seemingly apathetic, or perhaps willing, to let it crumble.

I live with a lot of pain. I’ve done everything that I can to cut back on the medicine, but that means that on average, the pain is worse. Some of my friends are suffering, too, in different ways, and I feel for them with empathy I wouldn’t have had when I created this piece, pixiestickhallucination. I hadn’t used any narcotic or any drug of any kind when I made this — no alcohol, nicotine… okay, caffeine, if that counts. Maybe ibuprofen (Advil).

I’ve had a hard few days; there was a fire in the building with toxic smoke — I still feel sick from it, nauseated and migraines come and go. I’m sore from rushing attempting to, hurredly, escape what I thought might’ve been a world-changing fire — not knowing I was moving toward the burning. Well. That’s life.

I suppose this piece reminds me of something else.

Maybe dreams. Life has changed so much. I don’t listen to music, watch TV and work simultaneously. I can’t, really. I’m listening to That’s All She Wrote (feat. Eminem)


Live Long and Prosper says Spock

Here's a new design/illustration for Blogsy, my favorite iOS blogging app. If you're wondering what it has to do with Star Trek, just take a look at the Blogsy app icon. Lance, the CEO Of Fomola (makers of Blogsy) is a big sci-fi nerd like me.

If you own an iPad and blog, you need Blogsy. It has the power of a desktop app with the usability of iOS, and supports most blogging services, including TypePad and WordPress. (If you use Squarespace like me, contact the Blogsy devs through Twitter or their website and tell them to hurry up and add full Squarespace support!)

This piece took a long time: what you're looking at is probably the tenth or eleventh draft. It was created entirely on the iPad 2, using Autodesk SketchBook Pro. The iPad 2 version supports 12 layers, and this drawing uses all of them. This Blogsy Spock drawing is probably the last artwork I'll post from the iPad 2, because I recently got a new iPad!

If you've never seen my blog before, hi.

I do just about everything from my iPad, because mobility is an issue for me. I have to deal with a lot of pain, muscle spasms, and migraines — I can't sit up a desk for very long, and I'm asleep more than I'm awake. Being disabled, it is easy to feel isolated — the iPad allows me to stay connected. My girlfriend calls it my security blanket, because I take the iPad everywhere and get upset if I don't have it.


When I'm feeling okay, I like to design logos, graphics and advertising materials, and I write as well. I've been doing more illustration and conceptual stuff, and now that I have my new iPad, I can work on large format stuff as well. I've been experimenting with digital painting and also like to take photos and post them at my tumblr using Instagram. (user: bradtastic, if you want to add me.)

What's next

I'm mostly dealing with personal things, but I can take on some small projects from time to time. If you like what I make and want something of your own, please let me know! I also produce vector art using InkPad, Adobe Ideas and Illustrator. I can design cool business cards, brochures, banners and posters, and can refer you to great web and software developers as well.

I've been thinking of ways to help other people with disabilities and limited mobility utilize technology and make the most of tools like the iPhone and iPad. The iPad can replace a notebook computer for many things, and it's a great note taking and sketching platform.

This website is always work in progress. I've been adding links to my favorite sites and services here, but if you want to follow more of my finds, add me at Pinterest and Pearltrees, "bradtastic" — you can also find me on GetGlue. The sidebar has links to my other social pages.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to hear from you...


Editing Squarespace on iOS

Used Zen Brush to create this little fisheye, top-down, big-eyed, sad-face crying-boy... why? Because I can't really edit my site using the iPad.

Perhaps for many people, this is no big deal. For me, it is. I do just about everything computer-related on my iPad or iPhone, because basically, I have to.

Squarespace has an iPad app, but it isn't great.

For the quick post (like this one), it's fine. You can check site stats from it as well, and it's far better than it was last year (in its early days, the Squarespace iOS apps would crash, lose content, post random stuff, delete images, and constantly notify "new comments" that weren't new). Both iPhone and iPad versions of the Squarespace app still have issues beyond missing features and lack of flexibility (like the comment issue — that still exists) but both are usable. I guess.

I'd really like to add/edit pages from the iPad

The poorly named The new iPad is just days away, and it's most remarkable feature (retina display) will make content creation and art a lot easier. Maybe Squarespace doesn't want to remake its iPad app... (I hope they do, I hate those old, blurry, pre-retina display iPhone apps) they could at least make their web-based UI mobile Safari friendly. It's impossible to consistently add content to and modify Squarespace site pages on iOS. Trying to edit the layout or change the site theme is even worse.

Thus, sad face.

Hey, people are allowed to be emo about Apple stuff. It's not like thing are any better on Android.


Spock for Blogsy wip illustration

I said I was going to share more of my illustration and design stuff, so here's another work in progress, (partially) in support the fine folks at Fomola, makers of the iOS app Blogsy, the best blogging tool for iPad. Lance Barton, Fomola's principal, has been really nice, so I've decided to help promote his app. As a bonus, I get to promote and share my art as well! Win win!

So why Spock for Blogsy?

Live long and prosper. The popular Star Trek mantra is part of the Blogsy app icon. So I decided to make a loose, interpretive "Spock" using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for iPad based on a few Star Trek TOS screen caps I found, outline it, and fill the negative space with BLOGSY and LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

After some trial and error, I've managed to create a rough draft. When I have more energy, I want to clean up the lines and slightly reshape the design. It's close, however, and when I'm done, I'll share the final version. It'll have some extra personal touches as well.

Hope you like it so far.

Want a custom design or illustration?

Let me know! Maybe I'll come up with something. Maybe not. ;-) Says Brad.


Centaur for Blogsy wip

Hey. I decided to share this, because the final version: might take awhile, won't look like a *realistic* centaur — I know, oxymoron. Well, you'll see when you see it.

## How this all started

I've been having email conversations over the past few weeks with the *Lance Barton,* the lead guy at Fomola, the makers of Blogsy. I'd seen the app several times while perusing the App Store, but didn't give it much thought until I got an email from Typepad about how great the app is. *Long story short,* I went to the Blogsy website,, read some reviews and watched some how-to videos. I then emailed Fomola (the developers), introduced myself a bit and asked him if Blogsy was going to get Squarespace support.

Lance sent a very courteous reply; he's very likable, genuinely kind, honest and upfront. His character and values are instantly apparent and it appears that his ethics have created a solid foundation for Fomola and his ideals are represented in the things they do (and the app they've made).

## The app and the centaur

**Blogsy** isn't static; it's constantly being worked on, tweaked, improved upon... and while Blogsy has a clear primary focus, the wishes and feature requests of users have dictated its continued development.

This **isn't** another case of *we've built the best, most complex, feature rich application and don't care if you can figure it out — learn it or gtfo!*

Blogsy is intuitive and adheres to common UI elements instead of inserting new symbols, icons, and buttons (forcing users to relearn the basics). There are even detailed instructional videos online that cover all of Blogsy's features and explain its advanced elements.

I've been playing around with it for awhile, and I like it. A lot. (I'm so excited about Squarespace support — I really hope that it supports page editing new page creation.) I want the app to succeed. **Every iPad blogger should get Blogsy and use it.**

## Oh right, the centaur...

Each major update is given a name, something more akin to what Apple does with its OS X releases than a codename. The previous version was *The Minotaur*... the current version is *The Centaur*, hence, a **centaur**. (Made more sense than drawing a aardvark.)

And like I said, the completed version will look different... although I might keep going with this one as well. I kinda like it. Hope you like it, too. If you have an iPad, get Blogsy (iTunes App Store link) and if you don't have an iPad, you can tell someone about my blog.

Or tell an iPad owner/blogger about the app. That makes sense, too.


Personal Discovery

I’d thought of this evening as a good time to take inventory and share some of my perspectives on this year—and these times—with my audience. It seemed particularly fitting, as tonight is the night of a “New Moon.”

However, after reaching the fifth-or-so page of my introspective, I realized that that level of detail might only be truly interesting to a select few. 

Those interested in my views on technology probably wouldn’t enjoy an essay-length entry about my life—and my thoughts about my life! Anyone interested in my “art of influence” and game-theory perspective might see such a post as an anecdotal, fringe-offering—but I doubt that my unique and idiosyncratic thoughts on my own existence could be viewed as substantive.

Therefore, I offer the following.

I have carefully articulated and realized many abstract thoughts that have been swirling about my semi-conscious, and have arranged a personal inventory of sorts. Although I have since rationalized this work as too-lengthy for a single blog post, the process itself was fulfilling, and my findings worthwhile…

I’m sure that at least some of it would be interesting to my general audience.

So—instead of erupting its entirety onto my blog, I’ll let bits trickle in. Although I’ve cynically chosen “superfluous” as my personal blog’s name, I don’t want that word to become its primary description or attribute.


That reminds me… I’ve been meaning to create a new “about” page for this site… please check back soon, and leave a comment if you want a present.


Bradtastic — Art, Design and Ink.

I want to expand this website, beyond this blog…

I’ve mentioned at Facebook and my Twitter (@bradtastic) that I’m trying to inkblog again, like I did at my first decent inkblog, My progress was halted — incidentally after winning an Ink Blot Award — because my Tablet PC, bloated with viruses and junkware, stopped connecting to the Internet… and then stopped functioning altogether.

Work and recovery stood in the way of progress — but I never stopped writing. I never stopped dreaming about books and blogging — changing the world by changing one mind — contributing to the ever-growing collective…

With ink, I wanted to share what Montblanc calls the art of writing; with computers and typesetting so available, handwriting has become a dying art. People neglect it — it’s not being taught in schools, and it’s as if it’s just not that important. True — no one is openly graded on it, graphology is a pseudo-science, but I believe in its importance — the importance of the image of writing.

I look at classic documents of incalculable value — The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Bill of Rights — I look at the penmanship displayed on these documents and think, “would these documents hold so much value if they were chicken-scratched?”

Of course, these documents will always be important — crappy handwriting wouldn’t change that — but I think that if they weren’t written so beautifully, with a combination of perfect word and perfect handwriting, we’d look today at reprints… rewritten or typed.

The blessing of the computer is a bane to handwriting.

The abundance and availability of free fonts and the ease of stealing fonts makes almost every computer user an amateur typesetter. Software such as Microsoft Word allows an untrained, unskilled user to create beautifully organized and set documents — legible documents.

It’s time to take a stand!

In defiance of this trend, I’d decided to share my art, illustrations, design and writing. I try to keep my personality vibrant and loud, but paradoxically, I prefer to keep much of my “art” private — including my handwriting styles — but shortly after I started inkblogging, I received positive feedback, genuine comments and interest.

I was contacted by other inkbloggers, enthusiastic and energetic. Their comments were positive, their words —
encouraging. I felt that I could represent the format in a strong way, drawing fresh eyes and attention to Tablet PCs and WACOM Penabled technologies. 

A new beginning.

Tablet PCs have generally been thought of as the business tools for doctors, contractors, engineers and the military… but this is changing. For consumers, “the pen” has been a nuisance; with Palm devices and PDAs, it’s just another piece to misplace or break. The iPhone has bridged the gap in a beautiful way; integrating multi-touch technology with incredible usability and consumer-friendliness.

New devices are looming. Apple might release a Tablet-type computer next year. Many netbook manufacturers are adding touch-screen technology to their lineups.

Handwriting, to make a comeback?

Devices like the Livescribe Pulse Pen make evident the convenience and occasional necessity of writing by hand. To “jot” something down — a phone number, address, take-out order — it’s much easier (and quicker) writing with a pen… especially compared to thumb-typing on a handheld or worse — stylus keyboard input.

The tech-world is changing, and I’m part of it. Perhaps I can inspire more people to enhance their lives. I’ve already done so with tools like HighriseHQ, BackpackIT and products like Moleskine notebooks and websites like

Hopefully I can continue changing the game and setting trends. For more information on the  Bradtastic Approved© check out or contact me or one of my associates. You can also just leave a comment or message at my guestbook.

Please let me know if you can help with inkblogging — you can also help by simply spreading the word, “!