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Something brewing.

# for the moment, it isn’t coffee.

However, it is morning. Another morning, another day, soon-to-be another weekend and another week — time does feel like it’s moving faster now. Some science channel show I’d seen mentioned that time seems to speed up as we get older, and for me, that’s certainly the case. In grade school, weeks seemed long, the school year lasted forever, and although summer seemed a bit short, I was involved in plenty of activities and got a lot of playing done, too.

It’s easier to lose sight of things now. I’ve always made an effort to plan things out — though the best laid plans often go astray — but now, my days just don’t last long enough. In addition, I used to have this Mercedes-Benz-*esque* attitude: the best, or nothing… though that was not their slogan at that time. Now it’s often about just GTD… getting things done. Good. Complete. But not necessarily perfect, rather, nearest as one can get.

## moving forward

### I’ve been giving less thought to this blog and blogs of mine in general; the concepts, the effort, the actual work involved, the purpose… thusly, I haven’t concluded anything. But I have thoughts.

1. I want to write more about living with a disability and getting by. Life in America is changing, and for the disabled, everything is harder — more complex. Work, relationships, fun, you name it. Don’t say “parking,” thinking that you’re clever, either. ([handicappedfraud]( <— more thoughts on that, soon.)

1. I’d like to share more artwork, even if it’s just doodles. For posterity, even.

1. I’d like to fix my websites; I’d like to make them look prettier. Obviously, I can’t make it appeal to everyone, but right now, it’s a little messy.

1. I want to get Bradtastic back up and running something. It’s been down for too long. I have things that I could share there, and it could be valuable for people… including me.

1. I want to read and write more fiction. I’m not exposed to enough of it anymore. Sure, I’ve read some sappy teen vampire books and some Orson Scott Card, but I want to expand out. No Harry Potter, though — not then, not now. Please don’t try to tell me it’s great stuff; she’s a billionaire now, okay, I get it.

## レヂセタゴ ready, settago!

Yes, I will still play video games and mess around with iOS software. It’s fun, and practical; video games are indeed art, and it’s an industry bigger than music and movies — the iOS platform is only getting better, the apps are inexpensive and sometimes free, and can help organize, get things done, and importantly, reduce stress and increase happiness. Being disabled, fun is often rare, in only slightly greater supply than that elusive contentment and mythical “true happiness.”

However, I am now more selective about the games I play. I’m interested in story-based games, and will choose them over graphics and sometimes even gameplay. I rarely watch movies anymore — most of them, pure crap — so it’s a sort of trade-off… passive for interactive.

I have a fantastic set of stories stirring ‘round my mind, invading my dreams and bursting out every orifice. Sorry, gross visual. It’s just… I’ve never been this eager to share a piece of myself, and it’s fictional.

I do think that isolation is the mother of inspiration. Pure creativity — perhaps that’s more genetic. Combine it all, what do you get? Stuff like Teletubbies. Joyous day!


Say "goodbye" to!

Originally, I was going to post a piece of artwork to commemorate this entry (as well as make it more visually appealing), but chances are, the Squarespace iOS apps wouldn't handle it properly anyway, and I'd either end up with: an entry with image and without text — or vice versa. Besides, how many "Dear John" letters come with attached graphic design and imagery? Not that that's what this is...

It's been a few years since I'd registered this domain and setup this blog, and a lot has changed between now and then; for me, probably for you, America, and our planet. Entropy is a fact of life; and I suppose, in some sense, so is blogging.

Blogging is definitely changing, but did we change it, or is it changing us? Years ago, I remember telling people that Twitter was going to be the next big thing — I got replies like, "why do I need this?" and "but I already have Myspace!"

'Superfluous' begins.

Originally, I just wanted something funny — a catchy name, something self-deprecating and light — and a play on the word "superfluous" seemed to fit. After all, blogs are somewhat superfluous in general, and I felt... something like "pride," using a "dot us" domain name.

But here we are, in 2011, on the precipice of world annihilation according to the Mayans and some other honey crusted nut bars. Re-registering a dot us domain is expensive, and none of that money really goes to making this country better (I think).

All I've done is fund Bob Parsons' hunting trips. Some large game had to die — because I wanted to be funny.

So, I'm going to change the name of my blog — that'll teach him and President Obama a lesson! Yeah! A whopping few dozen people read my blog; in case you weren't aware, they're the keys to the hearts and minds of America — my readers. Bless you all.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure about what to call my blog; if not "(not) superfluous," then what?

By the way, I just want to mention quickly: Damn you, Bono. I write many entries on my iPad, and when I use HTML for "Header 2" (H2), iOS decides to auto-correct, because I must've meant U2. Why can't you learn, damn it?! Someone get on Apple about this, stat.

Got any 'new blog name' suggestions? I'm actually interested in what you think — yes, I know how unusual that is. I see the irony; people usually come to me for advice, and here I am, using my blog to try and talk about renaming my blog.

I don't know how easy Squarespace will make the renaming process. I haven't asked them about it, but I hope it's simple, because I've had enough Squarespace trouble. There is a lot that I like about Squarespace, most of it is awesome, actually — but for me, the little things are often most upsetting.

Presently, I have a special Squarespace rate plan — I was grandfathered in... can you believe that? I'm a grandpa! If I were to simply open a new account and close this one, I'd have to first migrate the content somehow, and I don't know how many (if any) links will need to be recoded. Maybe it's more trouble than it's worth.

I just thought that, if I were to rename my blog, perhaps I should do it sooner rather than later. I would've just used "Bradtastic," but I was warned that my unprofessional content might bite me in the ass one day if directly associated with some kind of "business website..." though in my mind, it's not too hard to figure out whom wrote what.

Lastly — because this blog is random superfluousness, I guess it doesn't have to exist. I can always "write for me" and not share it. Every now and then, someone will send me an email or say something, making it clear that they've been here and read my ramblings — and every once in a while, someone will benefit (somehow) from this blog. I have too many other projects to work on, and another blog that I do want to do more with, so maybe I actually kiss goodbye, archive all of the entries, and move on.

I won't be shutting down or renaming immediately, so let me know what you think. My domain expires soon, however. Also, "no reply" is a valid enough response.


New "superfluous" logo concepts

Another glimpse behind the scenes; here's an iPhone 4 camera phone pic of my conceptual logo work for this website, Bradtastic's (not) Superfluous (Blog... or journal).

Phase two is a move from an iPhone 4 snapshot of my Brookstone "Boogie Board" (really cool, and inexpensive; Bradtastic Approved) to the iPad 2 — first Penultimate, then Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. From there, it'll be vectored.

The tools are basically all mobile technology now... and I think that that's awesome.


Blogging: as a technology and lifestyle

Updated on Monday, April 25, 2011 at 2:24 AM by Registered CommenterBradtastic

Blogging is definitely changing.

I’m not sure that it’s ever been as fun as it was when I actively maintained a LiveJournal; it’s so easy to get addicted to the comments and the attention — and that feeling of complex social integration. It was a one-stop news source and social radar; with friends-view and community journals, all kinds of information could be found and all questions could be answered without ever leaving LiveJournal. [The quality of information is debatable, however.]

I felt connected to a ragtag group of mainstreamers, social misfits and outcasts, all chiming in from time to time; mostly to share random tidbits of useless nothingness, melodramatic rants and complex status updates in far excess of 140 characters.

Click to read more ...


Something more than superfluous

I've been thinking a lot about blogging, writing in general,

Trying to figure out whether or not I want to continue publishing and sharing thoughts and feelings conveyed through words posted on a blog somewhere for friends and family to read and spammers to post inane sales-pitch ad comments on. I think I may have doomed myself, trying to be cute and clever, calling this blog not superfluous even when it is.

Now I don't know if I care enough to continue.

There are a few people, who's opinions mean enough to me to share my writing with — for everyone else, why bother? I've been working, in semi-secret, on an amazing thing; if it works, it'll be game-changing. Perhaps world-changing. What's this little blog in comparison?

Then again, I have some fun sharing thoughts, in general. I've been living in my own mind so much recently — and the nature of dreams, is that they're always more exciting to live in than hear about — some connection beyond the people I see in one reality or another is nice to have.

But who cares to read any of this, anyway? I know some people, for I have no clue what reason, follow my journals, even when I don't post. People are so lazy, in general... they'd rather be told what's up — they don't want to read. Reading is work.

Lost loves.

There's something lacking in our world of advanced technology. Some element of the human spirit has become jaded, some facets entirely deceased. Eloquence as an art, with words in any form, requires practice. People will go to the gym to exercise all muscles other than the most important one: the brain. Where is Gold's Gym for the thinkers? I don't mean MENSA, I mean, the every man (and woman). When did this happen?

I read old (I know, this is a relative term) writing of mine (three to five years old) and hardly recognized it as my own. It was pithy, and funny, and perhaps slightly arrogant, but still... I wished at that moment that I could know my current abilities exist beyond those handwritten words in my private journal.

Listen to FDR speak in old recordings. Read letters and communications from the American Revolution or pioneers headed to California for the gold rush. Read the love letters written by young adults fighting in the Civil War — do we (as a society) maintain one-tenth of that attention, energy and care?

The handwriting says it all.

Look at the average person's handwriting. The ability to write and speak well has been lost like Latin; we can see it in old texts and attempt to recreate it, but its true nature has been lost. Handwriting isn't taught anymore, probably because of keyboards. It's as if no one stopped to realize that QWERTY isn't always the most effective solution.

The point.

Perhaps I'll continue to just because someone should. I haven't had the energy and fire to blog passionately since LiveJournal days, and I doubt I'll get that back. But I haven't shared much recently, because whatever I write seems either: too good, or too unimportant, to post.

The Cult of the Amateur really messed me up. It made me want to hold everything back. I don't want to be a member of that cult, that club — whatever you want to call it. It's sickening, disgusting... thinking about it makes me miserable.

But I've been reading a lot, and looking at a lot of words on paper (or e-ink screens), retina display and LCD, and I guess I see the point. At least the point I want to make.

How annoying would it be if I didn't share that point, that insight right now? I guess you'll find out.

Until next time...


Update before Christmas (text)

My text for this post got deleted by my Squarespace's iPhone app! Damn.

Well, here's the nutshell version:

I'm writing about my disability and chronic pain, and disabilities in general at — I hope some semi-dark grit will shed light on a subject often avoided (more than politics and religion) and clear up some misconceptions.

I'm scrapping Bradtastica because my Wordpress install isn't working right.

"Superfluous" will be lighthearted and semi-casual; my design, art and creative work and projects will be at after I fix it.


Updating my presence.

The past few months have been an incredible journey — I’ve met interesting people, created some great design, and have been reinvigorated… I’m excited to see where this new path takes me. I’m in the process of creating new cards, new materials, new websites — new branding — and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share it first with my family and friends, and then everyone.

I hope you like it.

Meanwhile, I will continue to update Bradtastic Defined with thought-provoking entries as time permits; I’m able to set-aside very little for recreation, as whatever time I’m not working, I need for rest. Creativity is greatly hindered by sleep-deprivation — in order to remain Bradtastic, I must be rested!

Check back soon, or follow me at Twitter!


Topical leads to seriousness

I’ve been chatting with Daniel — a “student” of mine — while playing some Borderlands (2K Games’ masterwork RPS — role-playing shooter); he’s figured-out, over this year, that his serious interests involve writing. His love of videogames is a natural outlet, and hopefully, writing about games (or for them?) can become a career for him.

As some readers of mine might remember, I’ve wanted to write about games for some time. I dabble in it, from time-to-time, usually at Gamespot. I tried making a dedicated gaming blog, but never could make enough free-time to pick up the necessary momentum to carry the project along.

I might have another chance now… and an opportunity to do things differently.

In discussing videogame reviews, one facet stood apart — particularly interesting to me — the nature of trust. People generally read reviews to accumulate more information, to make a better decision. However, if the reader doesn’t trust the reviewer, the review won’t mean much — that’s if it’s even read!

Why should anyone trust a review? How can we assess whether or not the author shares similar views, has similar tastes?

At the time, I didn’t think of this thought-trajectory as being particularly-profound, but it lead me to new findings, new ideas and concepts. Free-association, mixed with a bit of luck, I suppose. 

I’ve decided on a few fixes; I thought about what makes me trust a review — and the reviewer, what I think when we don’t share the same tastes, and what makes me come back for more. I also thought about Bradloves and, and the future. Indeed, 2010 looks like a turn-around year.

Before I get back to work, I thought I’d mention quickly: I’ve been told that I’m hard to shop for, get gifts for. That’s not at all true. At my Links page, I have two wish lists (so far) — each with gifts ranging the gamut. If you don’t have lists of your own, you should think about making one (or five)!


Squarespace... enhanced?

I'm using the Squarespace iPhone app for the first time. It's already crashed on me several times; although that might be expected with new App Store software, their application feels somewhat "beta." After the long wait (since their "app coming soon" iPhone giveaway), I suppose I was expecting more. Perhaps future updates will address the issues.

I don't intend to make this an app review — I actually just wanted to let everyone know that I've been ill, the flu, perhaps... and that migraines have prevented me from posting more.

AIS has some brand-new stuff, and the CARA MoneyCard is well-received. That's something I'd expect — the CARA VISA check card fits a genuine need.

Hopefully I'll have website updates across the board in these next few days. As always, I'll post "what's happening" at my Twitter. (@bradtastic)

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