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Superfluous no longer, says Brad

Hi. In case you're reading this from somewhere other than my site itself, my site has changed. New theme, new name, and soon, new content (already started adding different stuff).

After some thought (and time, and struggles), I decided that is too hard to explain — some people don't get it — and SaysBrad is simply all-around easier to spell and remember. In addition, the name change coincides with impending content adjustments here, as I close down and consolidate blogs and web content. I think I'll separate personal content from tips and reviews, however.

Hopefully, you'll like the new stuff so much that you'll tell your friends. I could use the support! Disability is isolating, for a lot of reasons, and it's nice to make new worthwhile connections. For years, I had a network of people interested in getting something from me, but I didn't benefit much in return. During some tougher times, many people disappeared.

The flip side is that I've been generally too sick and tired to get out, mingle, meet people and be a friend. I feel semi-decent sporadically — unpredictably — and often couldn't use that time to talk to people or go outside (not usually a good idea to late-night wander Oakland streets). I spent some of that time writing, thinking, dreaming, creating, any way I could. The iPad has been the biggest help, along with the iOS app developers — they've been amazingly responsive, kind and generous.

Last, a shoutout to Squarespace for helping me edit my site, and answering my (sometimes long and off-topic) support tickets. Hopefully they'll implement my feature suggestions — tumblr/Instagram integration, app update allowing pages to be added/edited from the iOS app, and some other suggestions aimed at making Squarespace more accessible — doing so would make Squarespace an amazing tool for people with disabilities.


Some changes to "Bradtastic Defined."

Things change, life changes… I’m old now. Damn it. What I wouldn’t give or do to repeat childhood… 

That’s impossible, but it’ll be okay, because I have other things in mind. I’m old now, but I’m not terribly, horribly, “face-all-wrinkly” or “falling-off-entirely” old. I stated before (more than once… oops) that I wanted to write more — that I was going to — and now, I kind of, actually, can! Exciting! 

Surprisingly, I’ve settled on fiction. Serendipity or insanity, time will tell, but inspiration struck violently and unexpectedly, and I can’t ignore it. Since, I’ve worked on my narrative prose, grammar (I’m close to knighthood in the Order of the TweeterGrammarton) and style. Style, because today, it’s about style over substance. Word. 

Been thinkin’ and thankin’

I’m considering writing serialized short stories. I’d post a new “chapter” each week on a (my) blog… dunno which one. Maybe this one. Maybe not. I have some unused cool domain names. 

Mostly, I’ve been sharing stories about dealing with pain and disability, and I’ve been educating others, raising awareness, and communicating with other people with problems. Specifically, I get that everyone has problems. Generally, I know that most people are doing okay. Life is a lot easier when your body works (somewhat) properly. 

Sometimes, I’ll try to pick something up and I’ll end up knocking it over, or I’ll want to make a fist, and instead, my arm starts shaking. My damned shoulder is hurting so bad at the moment. (Accidental “bang” — or bump or poke or whatever you want to call it — yesterday) 

Because it’s separate, and well, because I want to, I post my other stuff over there. Or here. But mostly at Bradtastic Defined, or (note: the ‘www’ is necessary, because TypePad says so. I know, it’s lame. Tell that to SAY). Because things are different now, I’ve changed the description and intent of the bradchin, a domain that used to host my inkblog. *(I used to love ink blogging… sigh) 


So here it is, from “Bradtastic” Defined, personal blog (with disability stuff):

The mostly accurate drama of the life of Brad Chin, presented in dramatic fashion in full-HD, 1080p, 3D on an LED TV without LSD, PCP or PVC… no MSG, not for sale on QVC or available on DVD, and I can guarantee — that that’s N.O.T. what she S.A.I.D.


If you want to know more… go there and read some. If you like it, you can help fund my first novel by sending a gift via Amazon (my wish list)! Also, my birthday is in 34 days… also known as “twenty five weekdays from today,” or “four weeks, six days,” or “one month and three days from today,” or expressed more ‘l33t,’ 1m3dr1zzleF1zzizzl. *(minus the 1zzles) 

Okay, that was odd. I get weird when I’m tired and hurting more than I do normally. I’m going to stop. I set this entry to post at 1:11 (afternoon), so make a wish… at 11:11 — because it’s likely past 1:11 now.



Update before Christmas (text)

My text for this post got deleted by my Squarespace's iPhone app! Damn.

Well, here's the nutshell version:

I'm writing about my disability and chronic pain, and disabilities in general at — I hope some semi-dark grit will shed light on a subject often avoided (more than politics and religion) and clear up some misconceptions.

I'm scrapping Bradtastica because my Wordpress install isn't working right.

"Superfluous" will be lighthearted and semi-casual; my design, art and creative work and projects will be at after I fix it.


Updating my presence.

The past few months have been an incredible journey — I’ve met interesting people, created some great design, and have been reinvigorated… I’m excited to see where this new path takes me. I’m in the process of creating new cards, new materials, new websites — new branding — and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share it first with my family and friends, and then everyone.

I hope you like it.

Meanwhile, I will continue to update Bradtastic Defined with thought-provoking entries as time permits; I’m able to set-aside very little for recreation, as whatever time I’m not working, I need for rest. Creativity is greatly hindered by sleep-deprivation — in order to remain Bradtastic, I must be rested!

Check back soon, or follow me at Twitter!


Personal Discovery

I’d thought of this evening as a good time to take inventory and share some of my perspectives on this year—and these times—with my audience. It seemed particularly fitting, as tonight is the night of a “New Moon.”

However, after reaching the fifth-or-so page of my introspective, I realized that that level of detail might only be truly interesting to a select few. 

Those interested in my views on technology probably wouldn’t enjoy an essay-length entry about my life—and my thoughts about my life! Anyone interested in my “art of influence” and game-theory perspective might see such a post as an anecdotal, fringe-offering—but I doubt that my unique and idiosyncratic thoughts on my own existence could be viewed as substantive.

Therefore, I offer the following.

I have carefully articulated and realized many abstract thoughts that have been swirling about my semi-conscious, and have arranged a personal inventory of sorts. Although I have since rationalized this work as too-lengthy for a single blog post, the process itself was fulfilling, and my findings worthwhile…

I’m sure that at least some of it would be interesting to my general audience.

So—instead of erupting its entirety onto my blog, I’ll let bits trickle in. Although I’ve cynically chosen “superfluous” as my personal blog’s name, I don’t want that word to become its primary description or attribute.


That reminds me… I’ve been meaning to create a new “about” page for this site… please check back soon, and leave a comment if you want a present.


New Designs, Fast, Furious!

Once again, I’m working on new designs. Right now, I can’t show them off… so instead, enjoy this photo I took in Forza Motorsport 3 — a 2003 Infiniti G35 with a few mods, and painted Athens Blue. I’ve designed some custom decals, too; I’m still working on nicer stuff, and I haven’t quite figured out the decal editor. I’ve yet to create anything truly stunning.

The US release of the game was October 27, so it’s not like I’ve had a lot of time.

Hopefully the flu (or whatever it was) has passed… I’ve got stuff to do, writing to finish, blog posts to share. I’m keeping this entry short and sweet, but before I go —

A Thank You to Daniel “Sullivenom”

Recently, Daniel sent me gifts (yay!) — a Moleskine Info book and a Behance Action Pad mini. If you’re into steampunk, check out his blog “Steam Effort.” Perhaps there are still undiscovered goodies awaiting me in my mailroom… exciting!

Last, but not least…

Do you need design?

I have some availability during mid-November for comprehensive design and marketing work. 2010 is only a few months away, and now is a great time to think about gloriously re-emerging next year with new, striking graphics and advertisements. If you’re just looking for a new, punchy logo design or brochure, don’t hesitate. Contact me. I can squeeze that in… especially if you’re likeable.


Inkblogging Again!

[INK POST: “Inkblogging Again!” TEXT VERSION]

Note: This is still work-in-progress, meaning, I’m still figuring out the best way to present “inkblog entries” aka handwritten articles, saved as images. If you’re having issues of any kind — most specifically, if you cannot see an image above — please let me know ASAP! (Thanks!)

Bradtastic “” — First Ink Attempt.

Much thanks to Sumocat for his help; perhaps I could even get the updated Live Writer to work with the inkblog plugin!

Well, Bradtastic is back in inkblogging action! I think that I’m going to setup a separate “journal” (at this site… don’t worry) for my inkposts, but I’m back!

Thanks for your patience and support! I ordered a few Canteo A5 notebooks and a Rhodia webnotebook, hopefully they’ll arrive in two weeks. I’ll write a review and share my findings here. Stay tuned — I have more artwork and Designwork to post, including another “” logo design… this time, it’s high quality and Bradtasticool. Hope you like it — please let me know what you think, it only takes a minute to leave a comment. Once again, thanks! It’s good to be inking once again, with an updated style, too!


Bradtastic, Unravelled to the Core.

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new personal website!

This blog is a little bit of an experiment. For those of you who know me, you’ve probably seen (or heard of) Bradtastic Premier (aka, my current and soon-to-be ex-personal blog — turned “business blog.” There are many reasons for this change-up; it’s something that I’ve thought about for well over one-year now, but more-recent events have given me a little extra motivation.

A while ago I “unveiled” Brad Loves Us, a somewhat undirected attempt at creating a personal site. The only major problem was that the domain was originally purchased and setup to do something entirely different, and thus, the domain-name wasn’t my favorite (nor first pick) for a “personal site.”

Wanting to show United States solidarity and pride as well as benefit from the obvious domain hacks (such as “” — Wikipedia entry), I thought about what other .us domain names appealed to me. I thought long and hard across several weeks, not wanting to make similar mistakes a second time.

I’d resolved, “Henceforth, I shall pre-plan my planning phase before implementing anything.”

Well, not really…

However, I did think about what I was doing, how much writing I was producing versus “releasing” (… to the public), and what a “personal blog” really meant to me and what kind of content would end up there. I wanted it to be humorous; I wanted to laugh about it some, use it as an outlet — relieve stress — whatever… I wanted to make others laugh and relax. Life is serious business so much of the time; short, painful and confusing. Play shouldn’t be.

In the past, I’d treated my blogging with essay-to-thesis-like discipline… 

I was taking my entries too-seriously — it wasn’t really blogging. Since then, I’ve read several books on the subject (and on the subject of “making real money” with blogging — hah!) and decided to follow some of the advice. I didn’t want to prep, plan and outline my entries all of the time. I didn’t want to stress about my personal blog.

Ditching the formalities. 

I’m not overly “square” and I’m not politically-correct. I love some things and some people, like a few, too… and hate a lot of things. And people. I hate a lot of people. There, it’s been stated. I think if most people were honest, prejudices, hate and anger would come spewing out.

I’m not violent (really… c’mon.) and I don’t act publicly on my previously-stated-hatreds… most of the time. In the classic Dennis Miller style, “I don’t want to go on a rant…” 

but sometimes… 

Sometimes, things need to be said — and that said, when those time arrive, I find it best to insert snippets of ingenuity, go high-voltage with the humor, and heavy-dosage with the hyperbole.

Like I’d said before…

…many, many times, time and time again — life is short, hard, and stressful. Work isn’t always a friendly thing, and right now, most of us — first as people, then friends, families, societies and as a Nation — are struggling, battling, and constantly being tested. Bombarded by


  • bills we can’t pay, 
  • taxes we don’t think we can afford, 
  • government policies we may disagree with


and beyond that — scandals, affairs, corruption and crime… negativity isn’t really what’s needed. Hate seems so wrong; like “stealing candy from a baby,” or “kicking a man while he’s down.” There’s not much need nor room for complaints, so I’m not planning on cursing and ranting about every little annoying thing in each entry at this blog. To do so would be to flagrantly disregard our predicament, unfair, and… unfunny. I believe that honesty is important, however, so I will call things as I see ‘em.

The platinum-lined night skies…

For those of you who don’t know me, you have a little bit of background. To add to that, I’ve felt eosophobia in the past (strong dislike, mild fear of the sunrise — like a sense of dread with the rise of a new day; the end of night), I’ve been identified as a “psychic vampire” or prana taker by a Rabbi, I prefer the darkness and have a disability caused by chronic shoulder pain plus medications’ side-effects.

But I haven’t lost faith.

I can feel the strength of others; I feel as though I can tap into that energy to help manifest the incredible. I have hope — I feel the presence of a guiding-force and something beyond what Science can currently show us. Though I see and feel the bad, awful and evil in this world, I know of a stronger force within our capacity — a source of good and purity with which we can fight back, against the wrongs and hardships we face.

I believe in it.

Yes, I know of anger… and yes, I know of hate. However, I know also of love, and have felt the spirit and presence of grace.

Those around me will survive and thrive… because that’s what we do — we believe… and we feel. Together, we aren’t afraid.