Trouble with AT&T and maybe my iPhone
Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 12:28 PM
Bradtastic in Technology, applewatch, at&t, iPhone, iphone7

So my thoughts on the iPhone have to wait a little bit, because I may have received a lemon iPhone 7 plus, and for sure AT&T has screwed up. Badly.

Not only do I have a crappy “degraded” tower in my area providing horrible reception — I also lost all of my voicemail. And no one can tell me how or why. The messages are just gone.

So, I’m working on switching my service this week.

BUT — so far, I’m really liking the watch, although I can’t really say why. It doesn’t really do anything for me that my phone couldn’t do, and a lot of things it does a lot slower… but there are a few things that it does really well. Time, date, weather, notifications.

Is it really worth $400+? I guess that just depends on how much disposable income you have.

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